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    iRacing: Kaemmer ci parla del nuovo tyre model v7

    Dave Kaemmer in persona ha pubblicato un lunghissimo ed altamente tecnico blog post per spiegare il nuovo modello v7 dei pneumatici di iRacing che arriverà su alcune vetture del simulatore americano con la build del 6 Marzo. Kaemmer risponde anche ad alcune interessanti domande fatte sul forum di iRacing.

    ICYMI, Dave Kaemmer wrote a blog post about the development of our new tire model. He also followed up by answering some of the FAQs in his forum post. If you feel like flexing those brain muscles, the full write-up can be found here.

    Why not update all the cars at once with the new tires?
    Going to the V7 model is like having a new tire manufacturer come into a race series. Cars are often designed around the tires. Changing tire constructions and/or rubber compounds can change a car’s handling quite a lot, even in the real world. So a lot of testing and setup work needs to be done. It’s better to get feedback from a more limited number of cars at first. If there is something in the model that needs to be changed, we can do that without messing up setups for all the cars. Also, more work is necessary in the V7 code to properly do dirt. I think in the long run it will be better, but we’ll probably stick with V6 on dirt for a while. Dirt masks the over-the-limit breakaway that is one of the biggest issues on pavement.

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