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Parte 1 Simracing Academy: dinamica veicolo ed iscrizioni aperte

Aspiranti simdrivers, benvenuti nella prima parte della Simracing Academy, la scuola per comprendere i concetti fondamentali per progredire dal livello di principianti a quello di esperti della guida simulata. L'Academy è utile anche ai piloti con una certa esperienza, per approfondire ed effettuare test pratici
Parte 1 Simracing Academy: dinamica veicolo

Automobilista 2: server attivo, pronti per gare e tornei?

Abbiamo attivato un server dedicato, per iniziare a fare test online con qualche gara, per verificare cosi l'interesse per un bel campionato con il sim by Reiza...
Automobilista 2: server by DrivingItalia

Simracing.GP: gare gratuite e tornei by DrivingItalia

Prosegue la collaborazione di DrivingItalia nel programma del nuovo sistema Simracing.GP, una piattaforma online per il simracing eSport, per ora dedicata ad Assetto Corsa, ma con grandi prospettive...
Gare gratuite e tornei by DrivingItalia

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    F1 2012: patch ufficiale #11


    La Codemasters ha rilasciato oggi la nuova patch ufficiale numero 11 per aggiornare il suo F1 2012. Commenti a questo link del forum.

    F1 2012 – PC Patch #11 News

    Today sees patch #11 available on Steam for PC versions of F1 2012. This is very likely to be the last patch for PC. This update addresses the following issues:

    • Made an improvement to the AI under braking that will stop them from crashing in to the back of the player so frequently.
    • Deactivated the run_on_cpu option which was added with the last patch. The feedback given did not indicate that this improved the framerate for anybody.Fixed two issues when using the Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP Wheel.

    • The default Logitech control profile is always selected after player attempts to customise the controls with this wheel.
    • Placeholder graphic shown for View Replay button icon when using a Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP Wheel as no button/key is assigned to View Replay.

    Work Arounds:

    • If you’re getting a stuttering during gameplay please try turning your Anti Aliasing setting down.
    • If you have the incorrect race distance in season two issue please try.

    1. From the Main Menu select Career -> Career -> Settings -> Race Settings.
    2. Back out (you don’t need to change anything) and scroll back to the Main Hub.
    3. You can now continue your play through as normal.

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