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F1 2020 Codemasters: la recensione di DrivingItalia

Il nuovo F1 2020 si propone come un’evoluzione che tocca tutti gli aspetti più importanti del franchise britannico a quattro ruote, diventando a tutti gli effetti come un “must-have” che anche gli amanti della simulazione “dura e cruda” dovrebbero prendere in considerazione. Scoprite perchè con la nostra recensione!
F1 2020 Recensione

Provata la nuova pedaliera SimRacing Pro GT

Vi presentiamo con una recensione esclusiva la nuova pedaliera professionale SimRacing Pro GT, che arriva direttamente dalla Spagna. Un prodotto molto interessante ed innovativo, con caratteristiche del tutto particolari, da scoprire con questo articolo
Pedaliera Simracing Pro - GT

DISCORD DrivingItalia: chat testo e voce su tutti i dispositivi

Una vera social-app gratuita, per la chat testo e vocale, molto semplice da usare, via browser, tablet o persino smartphone!
Trovi tutte le informazioni qui sul forum. Ci sono già oltre 1000 utenti attivi sul canale Discord di DrivingItalia, entra anche tu!
Entra in DISCORD

Automobilista 2: la recensione di DrivingItalia.NET

Il momento che tanti appassionati hanno atteso è finalmente arrivato: Automobilista 2 è uscito ufficialmente su Steam grazie al raggiungimento della release finale 1.0. Tra monoposto, prototipi da endurance, vetture da Gran Turismo e go-kart ce n’è davvero per tutti i gusti, ed anche per noi è giunto il momento di giudicarlo in maniera ufficiale e… imparziale. Scopriamolo insieme!
Recensione di DrivingItalia.NET
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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 update 1.26


    We would like to sincerely thank the fan community for the awesome feedback on Open Beta of Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.26. We have received a lot of valuable input on the new content and tons of reports for little things that we would have almost missed but that were fixed thanks to you.


    We are now ready to make the 1.26 Update live for everyone. The game will actually update itself automatically on Steam. The legacy non-Steam edition of the game will have the update ready for download in a couple of days.
    If you participated in the Open Beta on Steam, please don't forget to switch back to the non-beta branch in ETS2 properties.
    We have already covered the changes and improvements coming with this update extensively, in the post annoucing the Open Beta, but let's review them again so that you have all the news in one scoop.




    Older Parts of France Reworked
    The main star of this map refresh is the city of Paris, which actually has been completely rebuilt to make it way more elaborate than before! We have re-touched the existing region of northern France in the base game. It's not a total rework from scratch, but we believe that you will appreciate some very visible changes in the world; new models, new intersections and use of higher resolution textures in many places.New Transmissions for all Trucks
    We have adjusted and added some new options for the transmissions of all the trucks tractors in the game, so now there are more options to choose - from the standard or overdrive style of transmissions or even the Allison 4500. We hope that especially the players who care for more choices and precision of the vehicle simulation will appreciate the new adjustment, now there are new opportunities to play with the ratio between engine and wheels.Upgrade Shop & Truck Browser Search Tool
    A new search line was added into the game's upgrade shop and truck browser screens, so now you will be able to look up for example a specific paintjob or a particular engine upgrade. This new feature will come handy if you own a lot of our minor DLCs or if you happen to have lots of truck tuning mods installed.Game Changes

    • Adjustable interior FOV per truck
    • Added parking difficulty (preset option included)
    • Truck repair/refuel performed by hired driver costs money, included in logs
    • Added informational dialog showing when game detects upgrade or downgrade
    • Added pounds + short tonnes as weight unit option
    • Better trailer air pressure simulation
    • Low air warning should only be active with running engine
    • Revised rolling resistance computations
    • Hired driver use the very same formulas for eco skill as the player

    Info for Modders

    • Changed map parameters (climate_profile, map_data)
    • Moddable interior camera zoom parameters. (speed, factor)
    • 1 degree rotation on Ctrl + R, 90 degree rotation on Home
    • Merged editable sign and sign dialog
    • Refresh sign template and its model from content browser
    • Added letter-spacing to sign editor
    • Store content browser navigation history
    • Support for day/nigh effect switching and child hookups for lod_model_hookup_u

    You can follow this link to see the whole changelog of this update. Please also check out our modding wiki to get the best advice for modding the game.

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