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  • Drift21: modalità gara rapida e nuovi aggiornamenti a fisica e FFB

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    E' passato un po' di tempo dall'ultimo aggiornamento di Drift21, ma finalmente il simulatore di drifting torna ad aggiornarsi e lo fa portando update importanti riguardo fisica e FFB e la modalità Gara Rapida.

    Nello sviluppo di questo aggiornamento gli sviluppatori hanno cercato di fare in modo che il volante trasmettesse quante più informazioni possibili riguardo il comportamento dell'auto. I nuovi aggiornamenti sono stati testati sui volanti Logitech, Thrustmaster e Fanatec e le impostazioni raccomandate sono quelle di default del volante. Nei volanti Fanatec c'è una modalità speciale per il drifting, e per Drift21 il valore consigliato è -4.

    Ecco di seguito il changelog. Commenti nel topic dedicato


    • Driving model and force feedback changes
    • Completely rewritten Force Feedback system
    • Changes to steering assists
    • Reworked driving model (major changes to e.g suspension or tire friction)
    • Updated the parameters of parts crucial to the driving model

    New features and options

    • Added Quick Race mode - a separate mode in which you can test multiple versions of each car on any available track
    • Added various tuned car presets, available in Quick Race mode
    • Added Replay Mode - a basic tool for previewing and analyzing your drift attempts
    • Added controller vibrations and the ability to adjust them in the settings
    • Added an option to turn off Motion Blur (accessible in Video Settings)
    • Added basic camera rotation

    Other changes

    • Changed tire sounds
    • Changed default volume levels
    • Changed default controller mapping
    • Changed tutorial content and flow to suit driving model changes
    • Reworked serial cars to suit driving model changes
    • Multiple changes to UI tabs to prevent incorrect text display
    • Small changes to tiles shape in Warehouse


    • Eliminated a problem with ghosting visible on FXAA setting or without Antialiasing (changes to CTAA will be available at a later date)
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to highlight two separate buttons using two different controllers
    • Fixed a bug where the reset button would only restore default settings after a game restart
    • Fixed an issue where some UI elements were clipping through the HINTS window
    • Fixed an issue where changing the "Show speedometer" setting was only applied after re-entering the route
    • Fixed a bug where language change in certain places was only applied after restart
    • Fixed Drift Zones to correctly detect cars passing through
    • Fixed part detection in Dyno
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players from removing decal layers
    • Fixed a bug with engine volume slider not working properly or in some cases at all
    • Fixed a bug where unchecked Can Stall option allowed to bind and use ignition on/off
    • Fixed camera getting stuck at certain places of the map
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players from using Show Missing Parts in the garage
    • Fixed a bug with controller settings interfering with steering wheel settings - fixing this required us to force default settings, please be aware of this.

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