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  • Drift21: miglioramenti al modello di guida e Mazda RX8 nel nuovo update

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    Continua l'opera di miglioramento di Drift21, il primo simulatore dedicato al drifting rilasciato in accesso anticipato ad inizio Maggio. Gli sviluppatori hanno lavorato sodo nelle ultime settimane e nel nuovo update rilasciato hanno migliorato il modello di guida (con interventi sulla fisica degli pneumatici e sulle sospensioni), hanno migliorato il ffb, la compatibilità con i vari volanti e hanno rilasciato una nuova vettura, la Mazda RX8.

    Ecco di seguito il changelog completo. Commenti nel topic dedicato


    Thank you very much for your patience. We have been working hard in the last weeks and we have managed to prepare something that we hope you will like. As promised, we worked on overall changes to the driving model, steering wheel support, and force feedback settings. In today’s patch, you will find the first batch of tweaks that will hopefully bring Drift21 much closer to a state that will please each of you. Also, we have prepared and polished a completely new car - Mazda RX8, take it for a spin!

    Changelog 13878

    New content

    Added new car - Mazda RX8
    Added tuning car parts for Mazda RX8


    Expanded Controls settings window and added experimental presets and settings for various and popular steering wheel models
    Added information about supported rim sizes to each car info in Car Shop
    Added an option to turn off speedometer on HUD (available in Settings or by pressing H on keyboard)
    Added an option to turn off detailed rear mirrors (available in Video Settings)
    Added a pop-up that appears when trying to collect all unmounted parts

    Other changes

    Tire physics overhaul - big changes to the driving model
    Suspension parameters overhaul - another major change to the driving model
    Major changes to Force Feedback settings
    Regrouped content in the Settings menu
    Added missing texts and localizations


    Fixed challenge: Time Attack 7 for North
    Fixed a critical bug which caused various game crashes, for example after trying to change the color of the rims
    Fixed a bug where the mouse pointer wasn’t visible in the Settings menu
    Fixed an issue that prevented the handbrake slider value from being saved properly
    Fixed an issue that prevented the automatic transmission from engaging if the steering wheel was connected
    Fixed a bug with options Ignition On and Ignition Off being available when Can Stall was inactive
    Fixed an issue with where decals in Paint Booth had inconsistent sizes
    Fixed an issue where certain Fuel Rails had invalid parameters
    Fixed missing texts on North challenges result screens
    Fixes to various North challenges - all checkpoint boxes should spawn properly now
    Fixed a bug that caused cars to spawn on the track with the mask, trunk, and doors opened
    Fixed a bug which prevented players from closing pop-ups in the Paint Room
    Fixed an issue where the credits earned during tutorial Time Attack challenge were not awarded properly or at all



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