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Simracing Academy: il 29 Ottobre si parte con Aris Vasilakos

Il mitico Aris ci parlerà naturalmente di dinamica del veicolo, non farà mancare i suoi consigli e risponderà alle domande degli allievi. Difficile cominciare meglio la nostra Academy!
Il 29 Ottobre si parte con Aris

Parte 2 Simracing Academy: traiettoria ed uso della pista

Per risultare efficienti ed efficaci in pista è necessario comprendere che la guida in circuito è differente da quella a cui siamo abituati. La prima differenza che salta subito all’occhio? Scopriamolo con la seconda parte della Simracing Academy. Iscriviti alle lezioni pratiche che partono il 29 Ottobre!
Parte 2 Simracing Academy

Parte 1 Simracing Academy: dinamica veicolo ed iscrizioni aperte

Aspiranti simdrivers, benvenuti nella prima parte della Simracing Academy, la scuola per comprendere i concetti fondamentali per progredire dal livello di principianti a quello di esperti della guida simulata. L'Academy è utile anche ai piloti con una certa esperienza, per approfondire ed effettuare test pratici
Parte 1 Simracing Academy: dinamica veicolo

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    Automobilista v1.0 by Reiza disponibile


    AUTOMOBILISTA puts you in the driving seat of one of the most advanced racing simulators and delivers a uniquely diverse motorsports experience!
    As the natural successor to Reiza Studios´ previous title - the highly regarded Stock Car Extreme, originally released in 2013 - AUTOMOBILISTA continues to simulate the premium Brazilian racing series such as Stock Car V8, Copa Petrobras de Marcas, Formula 3 Brasil and Mitsubishi Lancer Cup, now packing every car and every track from their respective 2015 championships.


    Beyond the brazilian core, AUTOMOBILISTA is extensively complemented with one of the most diverse selections or racing vehicles you will find in a racing game: only in AUTOMOBILISTA will you be able to jump from a rental kart to a 800-HP single-seater; from drifting a Rallycross EvoX to jumping ramps in a Supertruck; from mastering the driving basics in a Formula Vee to managing a full 24h race in an endurance prototype; back and forth through historical and modern content featuring a sample from several decades of racing history - all of this and much more within a few mouse clicks. Thoroughly researched and cohesively developed for maximum simulation accuracy, AUTOMOBILISTA captures the fun only motorsports in its various forms can provide.


    In addition to the content already present in Stock Car Extreme - all of which comprehensively upgraded - AUTOMOBILISTA turns it up to a new level by adding all the new cars & tracks proposed in the SimRacing Bonanza crowdfunding campaign, new simulation features such as dynamic track conditions, advanced transmission and tire modelling, substantial upgrades to physics, graphics & audio, new game modes and much more!

    • These are some of the features that make AUTOMOBILISTA stand out as a purebred racing simulator:
    • Upscaled 720 Hz physics and 500 Hz input rates grants AMS super-accurate, high fidelity physics and Force Feedback
    • Vehicle physics based on models developed for professional racing teams with in-depth exclusive data
    • Minutely detailed and accurately modelled race tracks with 3D bumps, custom road properties and air density according to its location and altitude
    • Engine sounds sampled from high-quality recordings of real cars
    • Capturing the ever-changing demands of racing.
    • Cars with old-style gearbox mechanisms will demand proper gear engagement by using the clutch or synchronizing revs.
    • Modern cars will demand handling of advanced electronic systems.
    • High downforce cars will create an aerodynamic wake for those that follow.
    • 24h cycles will allow racing from dusk to dawn and at night.
    • Dynamic track conditions turn the racing line into a grippy rubbery trail and builds up marbles offline
    • Dynamic tire damage & dirt pickup add further extra dimensions to the driving experience

    Some further important info regarding this release:

    • A new player profile is strongly recommended.
    • Replays from v0.9.8 and earlier may not be compatible with v1.0
    • Virtual Xperience leaderboards will be reset in light of several physics updates;
    • Mods might need to be updated - specially mods that are in the REIZA28 - REIZA35 range as those slots have been reserved for official content as well (modsin that range won´t show up in menu).

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