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  • Automobilista 2: rilasciato aggiornamento

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    Reiza Studios ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per Automobilista 2, che viene portato così alla versione L'update oltre ad apportare vari fix e miglioramenti che si aggiungono alla patch di metà Aprile introduce anche la possibilità per i possessori del Logitech G923 di disattivare il Trueforce in caso di problemi con questa nuova tecnologia di Logitech

    V1.1.4.0 -> V1.1.4.5 CHANGELOG


    • Fixed custom livery overrides not respecting duplicate livery rules
    • Adjusted crowd/character visibility in various game modes and session types
    • Fixed issue where only LODb of some meshes would hide based on session type
    • Small fix to G923 Initialization
    • Added Game launch command line switch "disableTF" for users with issues running Logitech G923 TrueForce to fallback to legacy mode

    UI & HUD

    • Fixed onboard roll bars and brake bias both showing brake bias value on vehicle browser
    • Fixed punctuation on some loading screen tips plus some small German string tweaks
    • Fixed clipping on HUD warning message
    • Added extra batch of loading screen tips
    • Corrected various innacuracies in vehicle information


    • Adjusted rear wing base drag for F1, Prototype & GT cars
    • Adjusted Mini JCW tire tread
    • Adjusted CoG height for Group A, Procar, Mini, Porsche Cup
    • Camaro SS: Adjusted brake torque & CoG height
    • Roco 001: Adjusted chassis inertia & unsprung mass
    • Reduced brake fade range when under optimal temp range for all cars
    • Enabled onboard adjustable brake bias for MCR 2000
    • Slightly reduced FFB resistance when car is stopped


    • Increased AI qualifying pace
    • Increased AI prudence against human players
    • Callibrated AI rolling resistance for R-Retro Gen1 & Gen2
    • Reduced minimal AI Strentgh range (results in slightly slower AI in the 70-99% range)
    • Adjusted AI Grip multipliers in Donington, Bathurst
    • Silverstone 2020/2001/1991: Adjusted AI performance at Maggots, Becketts, Chapel
    • Imola: Adjusted AI performance at Tosa, 2nd Acque Minerali leg and Variante Alta


    • Silverstone: Added outer terrain to all track detail levels; fixed unsafe pit exit error in modern layout
    • Montreal: Added missing DRS zone2 line; Fixed floating walls; Updated livegrass texture; Performance pass
    • Hockenheim 1988 Short: Fix missing csm curbs; Remove unwanted fence bit at T3


    • Added liveries for driver helmets & suits
    • Camaro SS: Fixed obstructed rear view looking back from cockpit
    • F-Ultimate 2019: disabled DRS light until functionality is implemented

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