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    Automobilista 2: prime immagini in game e intervista a Simioni



    Dopo l'annuncio di sabato scorso con il primo trailer di lancio, arrivano oggi le prime immagini in game del nuovo Automobilista 2 targato Reiza Studios. Le immagini accompagnano la prima parte di una interessante intervista fatta da Racedepartment a Renato Simioni del team Reiza. Eccovene un estratto:


    If you compare MADNESS to the gMotor engine of AMS and also the rF2 engine you know from the recent ‘Reiza Pack’ DLC, what advantages do you think MADNESS offers over these solutions?
    RS: To use the tired cliché, they each have their pros and cons... Obviously we can´t comment in-depth about actual differences in code, not least because we didn´t actually have access to the rF2 code beyond information that S397 would supply to us on a need-to-know basis to get our content to work in their engine.
    With MADNESS, obviously the graphics engine is one of the strong points, and it generally runs smooth as butter no matter what you throw at it in terms of weather, time of day, number of cars so for us that´s a welcome change of pace!
    Moreover the physics, Audio and AI fronts are for the most part an evolution of what we were already used to, so that has allowed us to continue progressing from the solid base we already had on those fronts; The SETA tyre model is a bigger departure to our old tyre model, which is always a tricky move considering how much of good racing simulation physics rely on not only an advanced tyre model but one that´s manageable to work with - luckily SETA has proved surprisingly accessible, very versatile and we´ve been achieving good results with it pretty much from the get-go.
    The engine features models for a large range of drivetrain and aero systems, and a variety of rule sets, all of which suits us very well as Automobilista 2 is also due to feature many different motorports types.
    Last but not least, Livetrack 3.0 is arguably the most advanced technology for dynamic track conditions in consumer level simulators, and that is a crucial feature for a truly realistic racing experience.
    Naturally there are some things we´ll be adding or tweaking to our own preferences and requirements, but all in all we couldn´t ask for a better platform for the racing sim we aim to create.


    AMS 2 Image 2.jpg

    AMS 2 Image 3.jpg

    AMS 2 Image 4.jpg

    AMS 2 Image 6.jpg

    AMS Image 5.jpg

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