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  • Automobilista 2: disponibile hotfix

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    Reiza Studios ha rilasciato un hotfix che porta il suo Automobilista 2 alla versione Tra le correzioni e le migliorie spiccano quelle relative alla IA, che adesso si comporta meglio nelle gare multiclass quando si avvicina alle classi più lente

    Ecco di seguito il changelog completo. Commenti nel topic dedicato


    V1.1.0.5 CHANGELOG



    • Fixed bug that could lead to vehicles receiving draft from vehicles far behind them


    • Fixed distance to screen value on triple screen setup



    • Further driveline adjustments & fine tuning, fixing issues with clutch slipping in upshifts with some cars
    • Adjusted default clutch setting for Stock cars, Montana, Camaro GT4R, Porsches
    • Fixed bug with F-Retro wet tires breaking physics
    • Fixed bug with F-Ultimate slicks breaking physics if driven on wet
    • Adjusted default gear ratios for M1 Procar, Group A cars



    • Further improvements to AI lateral weaving/abruptness of movement
    • Added new improvements to AI behaviour when it predicts it´s going to run off the road (should reduce some causes of abrupt lateral movement / loss of control)
    • Further general A performance callibration



    • Caterham Academy: adjusted sounds, improved audio loops
    • Copa Fusca: Fixed engine sound drop-off during gear shifts
    • SprintRace: further improvements to audio loops
    • M1 Procar: increased volume when driving in swingman view



    • Spa: various fixes for lodding pop-ups, further optimization
    • Velopark: Improved wall collisions; fixed some terrain gaps; improved shadows; adjusted tire stack height; adjusted 3D grass to fix instances of wall clipping; removed shadow casting & reflections from transparent face
    • Interlagos Historic: Added startlights; removed shadow casting from transparent fences
    • Oulton Park: Added missing track lights
    • Curitiba: Adjusted HUD map zoom
    • Curvelo: Adjusted render mesh to match updated physical noise



    • Added community liveries: Copa Fusca - Fernando Goncalves #888 / Luiz Gonzaga #09 / Marcos Cruz #20 / Tom Emilsen #3422 / Troyan Donut #61 / Filomena Silva #00
    • Caterham 360 Superlight - Allan Nenes #25 / Gasper Zupan #2
    • Caterham 620R - Gyda Marvik #25 / Chris Shire #26



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