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F1 2020 Codemasters: la recensione di DrivingItalia

Il nuovo F1 2020 si propone come un’evoluzione che tocca tutti gli aspetti più importanti del franchise britannico a quattro ruote, diventando a tutti gli effetti come un “must-have” che anche gli amanti della simulazione “dura e cruda” dovrebbero prendere in considerazione. Scoprite perchè con la nostra recensione!
F1 2020 Recensione

Provata la nuova pedaliera SimRacing Pro GT

Vi presentiamo con una recensione esclusiva la nuova pedaliera professionale SimRacing Pro GT, che arriva direttamente dalla Spagna. Un prodotto molto interessante ed innovativo, con caratteristiche del tutto particolari, da scoprire con questo articolo
Pedaliera Simracing Pro - GT

DISCORD DrivingItalia: chat testo e voce su tutti i dispositivi

Una vera social-app gratuita, per la chat testo e vocale, molto semplice da usare, via browser, tablet o persino smartphone!
Trovi tutte le informazioni qui sul forum. Ci sono già oltre 1000 utenti attivi sul canale Discord di DrivingItalia, entra anche tu!
Entra in DISCORD

Automobilista 2: la recensione di DrivingItalia.NET

Il momento che tanti appassionati hanno atteso è finalmente arrivato: Automobilista 2 è uscito ufficialmente su Steam grazie al raggiungimento della release finale 1.0. Tra monoposto, prototipi da endurance, vetture da Gran Turismo e go-kart ce n’è davvero per tutti i gusti, ed anche per noi è giunto il momento di giudicarlo in maniera ufficiale e… imparziale. Scopriamolo insieme!
Recensione di DrivingItalia.NET
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    Assetto Corsa: guida completa alla VR (con Oculus Rift e non solo)


    Chris Kennedy ha pubblicato una utilissima guida completa per configurare e sfruttare al meglio la Virtual Reality con Assetto Corsa, utilizzando sia il visore Oculus Rift che quello Open VR. Come potete leggere anche qui di seguito, la guida è realmente molto completa, con consigli di configurazione tecnica, setup dei menu in game e persino i mods più utili e funzionali per un'esperienza realmente unica ed immersiva. Vi raccomandiamo anche di scaricare i vari files di configurazione specifici per ogni vettura relativi naturalmente alla visuale dall'abitacolo. Per commenti e discussioni fate riferimento a questo topic del forum.

    1920x1080 (Only affects the size of the virtual HUD, not the actual game rendering resolution)
    Fullscreen Rendering: Enabled (improves performance and means that your mouse is always usable if your screen is higher resolution than set above)
    Rendering Mode: Oculus Rift or OpenVR
    Crepuscular rays: Off (bugged in VR - see known issues)
    Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing: Off (blurry)

    Lock onboard camera to Horizon: Experiment to see what you prefer, can affect motion sickness, sense of elevation changes. I recommend RHM as it can give the best of both (see recommended mods section)
    G-force effects*: 0.4x, 0.1x, 0.4x
    Camera shake at high speed*: 0.2x
    Display downshift protection notification: Off (immersion)
    *These are down to personal preference. G-force and camera shake may contribute to motion sickness, and require the following parameter to be edited for them to be active in VR:

    Pixel Density (PPD, SS)
    Improves image quality, very demanding. 1.0 is default, increase in 0.1 increments. 1.4 seems a sweet spot.
    Oculus: Set in Documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg/oculus.ini (or in Content Manager)
    OpenVR: Set in OpenVR app in game, where you can also adjust IPD in Vive

    ASW/Asynchronous Reprojection
    Not a setting as such, but an important consideration, allows the game to be rendered at 45fps instead of 90fps and still feel fluid.
    • You can increase graphics settings with the additional GPU headroom
    • Will introduce some artifacts but for games like AC they are not too bad.
    • Some users find it less comfortable
    In general, it is allowed by default, so if you are not achieving 90fps the game will fall back to 45 and use this technology to provide a smooth experience. I am using it as it allows me to run PP and 1.4 PPD on a GTX 970.
    Oculus: Oculus TrayTool lets you define profiles so that you can force ASW on or off per game, I find this useful.

    Launcher in Headset
    Oculus: The latest beta of Oculus software provides a virtual desktop, however it is still a bit buggy, try Bigscreen Beta. Beware that these will steal VRAM from the game
    OpenVR: try SteamVR's Desktop Theater Mode

    Audio Device Auto Select
    Oculus: Set AUTOSELECT_RIFT_AUDIO_DEVICE=1 in Documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg/oculus.ini so that audio always goes to the Oculus instead of your windows default
    OpenVR: try Audio app in game

    Controller bindings

    You will probably want to find a method to bind keys to your wheel (e.g. JoyToKey or your wheel drivers), here are some likely to be useful:
    Reset View: CTRL+SPACE (or bind ‘Look Left’ and ‘Look Right’ and press them together, however this is a waste of a button)
    Hide/Show Apps: CTRL+H (or CTRL+U to cycle through "virtual desktops")

    Recommended Mods
    Natural Graphics Mod If you run PP On, provides much more believable visuals and saves ~10fps fps over the default filter. If you run PP Off, you should still benefit from the adjusted weather files which should have a more consistent brightness and balance. I see some people using gbW in VR but it was way too contrasty for me in Oculus. I will provide a filter that should go nicely with the gbW weathers next time I update my graphics mod.

    Real Head Motion Allows you to have a mix of locked to horizon and car and filter bumps.
    My settings keep the car locked to horizon up to 10 degrees of pitch which gives good experience through normal and extreme (monza banking, eau rouge) situations:


    Top/Center Flags for VR By default the flags are impossible to notice because they are in the top left corner of your virtual HUD which you never would be looking at.

    Real display damage by Luc1gnol0 Much less intrusive than the default UI.

    AC - Disable Shadows Patcher Not tested personally but seen several VR users recommend it. Shadows are pretty glitchy in AC VR, and I believe this yields a decent performance improvement. Modifies the game .exe file so use with caution, will be broken by game updates etc.

    Other tweaks
    Toggle Overlay Learderboard: F9 (when in a race)

    .ini Tweaks
    The Tweaks below will remove some of the persistent elements and low-importance server messages from your view so that you can have a fully immersive experience. You can display all of this information via apps which you can show/hide while driving.



    Optimised Camera Position for all cars
    This is what the files in the download are for. Low importance, just a method of ensuring your view is at a consistent distance to the driver model for all cars. The files included in the download go in: \Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\cars
    and simply give the result of having gone through every single car and pressing "Auto-Pos" in the onboard settings app for every car, with some offset applied to move the view backwards and up slightly, hopefully your shoulders will line up much better with these files. More info: AC forum post

    Known Issues with Assetto Corsa VR

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