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Simracing: limiti e vantaggi

Uno speciale dedicato al mondo della simulazione

Analizziamo limiti e vantaggi per piloti e appassionati! ūüėČ

Speciale simracing

WRC 10 provato!

Prosegue l'evoluzione partita da WRC 8 e 9 ?

Scopritelo con la nostra anteprima...

WRC 10

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    0.940 Update
    - debugging alt tab problem discover by Euskotracks, offset=7 now
    - reworked animated driver on all cars .
    - reworked z4 cockpit , problem discover by Luc devin
    - reworked Motec rendering
    - debugging ground impact on z06 on the Nord
    - name changed on steam workshop


    - new tyres sidewall for all the cars except Camaro isi( thanks James hazen for HD michelin textures )
    - new cockpit default view with new F.O.V except Camaro
    - reworked some parts of the z06 cockpit


    - Complete new internal sounds on the corvette
    - added missing scrub sound


    - added fuel mixture feature on all cars
    15 steps are present
    0 is Safety Car step and represent 60 % of the full power engine
    1 is the low step of the eco mod , named Eco_3 and represent 97 % of the full power engine
    2 is a low step of the eco mod , named Eco_2 and represent 98 % of the full power engine
    3 is a another low step of eco mod , named Eco_1 and represent 99 % of the full power engine
    4 is a basic step , named lean_1 and represent 100 % of the full power engine
    5 to 11 represent the others step ,they increase one by one the fuel mixture
    12,13 and 14 are not usuable for the moment
    default setup is 5 , represent 101 % of the engine power .
    you need to map a key in the rf2 controls for use those feature.


    - added last chassis flex feature on all cars (Fuel Tank Transfer , pushrod new feature , new control section )
    - added steering wheel ratios feature on all cars
    - complete new cpm rain tyres on every cars, less wear , better grip in heavy condition


    - reworked z06 suspension for avoid the ground impact on the Nord .
    - complete new suspension on the 458 ,reworked ffb rendering
    - complete new aero and suspension on z4


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