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    VELOCIPEDE By VELOCIPEDE, in Modding, , 0 comments, 1,036 views

    Physics changes by Lgel
    1 The revised physics while retaining the unique features of each car and offer now similar tuning ranges for every car.
    2 AI speed has been balanced too.
    3 Each car needs a specific setup, those of previous version 0.92 may not work as intended.
    4 The default setups are meant to be drivable out of the box, they are on the safe side (mild understeer).
    5 They are not optimal for braking strength and balance, gearing, cooling of motor and brakes, and may be tire pressures.
    Tires reach their pressure balance after 5 to 6 laps, they don't like to be abused.
    6 Cars should have similar level of performance, depending on tracks some cars may be faster than others, for leagues the recommended
    mean of leveraging performance is to impose weight penalties as FIA does in real life for these cars.
    7 pits time for every car are now the same


    Graphical changes by Tosch
    1 Rendering of every car, body, windows and rims.
    2 New flare lights on every car, only one plane object for each light needed now.
    3 Optimized lods on every car to improve FPS hickups and avoid ghost objects.
    4 New collision 3d model, less than 100 polys, to avoid some strange collision bug.
    5 Added moving mirrors (thanks redapg for the help).
    6 Windshield and windshield banner problem fixed.
    7 2015 spa 24h Z4 skin added.



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