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    GT Legends aggiornato in 1 click con la 10th Anniversary patch!



    Dopo il grande successo della versione per GTR 2, abbiamo pensato ad un bel tuffo nel passato per ridare nuova vita anche al secondo capolavoro targato SimBin, ovvero il mitico GT Legends, uscito nel 2005 che ora è possibile acquistare tramite Steam a soli 5,99€.

    Per aggiornare GT Legends in un colpo solo e nel miglior modo possibile, non solo a livello grafico, ma anche con i migliori mods ed addon ancora oggi disponibili, potete scaricare ed installare la nuovissima GT Legends 10th Anniversary PATCH, giunta alla versione 9.8.1, contenente oltre 1GB di updates ! Commenti sul forum.


    GT Legends 10th Anniversary PATCH v9.8.1 by GTR233 and friends
    This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v18.06 (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is corrupted)
    Archive size = 490 Mo
    Archive MD5 checksum = 90CBE81D7FDEB7F78DBE3B5503C7487C

    Description :
    This GT Legends 10th Anniversary PATCH represents 3 years of work and includes all the necessary MODS/PATCHES for GT Legends plus HQ textures :
    - OFFICIAL SIMBIN update v1.1
    - MS Dx9/dll last updates from 2010 packages to improve GT Legends compatibility with new OS
    - no-cd with 4GB PATCH by Daniel Pistelli (works whatever amount of RAM, this patch allows to use more than default 1.8GB RAM)
    - Optional languages : ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN & SPANISH (thanks to gwaldock)
    - GT Legends New Gfx v1.60 by Syhlif32 (patch for Dx9 shaders, see included txt readme)
    - GT Legends HQ MODS COLLECTION v9.8 :
    --> GTR233's GTL UI MOD 10th Anniversary v1.1 : nicer UI with advanced garage setup, DucFreak tweaks and DooGal no bik mod
    --> GT Legends HDR Skies v7.0 : nice 6e66o & Hudson Kerr skies reworked with HDR, and HQ MOON
    --> GT Legends HQ AI v4.0 : better challenging AI
    --> GT Legends HQ BRAKES v1.0 : nicer brake disc/caliper/discglow skins
    --> GT Legends HQ CARS SOUNDS v1.0 : added DucFreak/Fred_as/scca1981 sounds
    --> GT Legends HQ HEADLIGHTS v6.0 : better headlights (VINTAGE+YELLOW) patched to avoid halo glitch
    --> GT Legends HQ LENS FLARE v9.1 : better sun effects (max effects around 5-6pm)
    --> GT Legends HQ SPARCO SUITS 2018 v1.2 : nicer suits/gloves/shoes
    --> GT Legends HQ TREAD v3.0 : better tire tread (WITH GRAVELS)
    --> GT Legends HQ WINDOW DIRT v2.0 : more detailed and lighter dirt effect (DIRTY)
    --> HQ AMBIENT SHADOW v3.0 : better second shadow under cars (STD version)
    --> HQ BACKFIRE v3.0 : better flames on exhaust (RED-BLUE version)
    --> HQ CUBE MAPS v4.1 : better car/track reflections (LOW REFLECTIONS [GT Legends])
    --> HQ FOV DEFVIEWS v7.0 : higher speed effect, no more in car headlight flickering at night (16/9)
    --> HQ MIRROR v1.0 : higher rear view resolution (1024)
    --> HQ SMOKES v5.0 : better dust & smokes effects
    --> HQ SPARK v7.0 : better sparks effects (SPARK & STARS version)
    --> START LIGHTS COUNTDOWN v1.0 : better start lights (GT style)
    - Cars Exhaust fix by leon_90
    - DeTomaso Pantera Gearbox fix by Mental Gear
    - Engine sound location fix : Abarth, Alfa, Falcon, both Jaguar, Cortina, Mini, CSL, both Corvette, Pantera, Capri, Escort, 906, 911, Cobra, 275GTB, Elan, 300sl, Alpine, both Shelby, TVR
    - Engine low RPM fix : Ford GT40, Porsche 911 3.0, Shelby Daytona
    - Jaguar MKii cockpit textures fix by DucFreak
    - Mercedes 300SL collision bug fix by InsaneDruid
    - Porsche 914 tire temperature fix
    - Shelby 350GT front ride height fix
    - Pitboard skin by Henry
    - Tracks lighting from PnG3 by GTL WORKSHOP (special thanks to David Wright and DucFreak) 
    - Updated AIW/TRK/HDC/CAR
    - Updated GDB tracks FFB
    - Updated tyres
    - fixed balloon font






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