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    F1 2002: Sports Car Racing Mod preview

    Uno dei mod di prossima uscita che ci farà sicuramente passare molte ore al volante con F1 2002 è il prossimo Sports Car Racing che stanno ultimando i ragazzi del team RSDG.net: oggi hanno pubblicato una interessante preview sul loro progetto, con allegati dei bellissimi screenshots.

    SCR, is currently two sets of LeMans Prototype cars or LMP's used during the 2002 American LeMans Series. The two car sets are the LMP900 and LMP675 series cars. The P900's are heavy 900KG cars with up to 650HP while the P675's are lighter with weights as low as 675KG and engines that peak out at 500HP. There are 8 teams that comprise the P900 class and 9 P675 teams. Total car count is 25 cars from the ALMS and one bonus car from LeMan's. Altogether there are 11 Car models represented in the Mod. This should give everyone something they like to race with in the Mod. #CONTINUE#

      Each car model has it's own particular physics and most cars have a different feel when driven. A lot has gone into developing physics that are as close to accurate as can be but with enough parameters to make them very drive able and flexible for racing at various track styles. You will find also that both the garage features and the sliders work for varying player levels for setting each car up. Some setups will be included with the Mod on release to give everyone a quick start to getting the cars out on the tracks.

      A simple installer will be part of the final Mod and uses Microsoft's .Net utilities to make things simple to get going. You won't need to fuss with Icons or config files to get the game up and running. Once installed there is a very nice launcher utility that will help you set up a player, select a Steering Wheel with known parameters, select what car classes you want to race or all cars if you wish,  and choose a car that you can drive in the game. Fear not though as all of this is still changeable within the game itself so you won't have to back out of the game to make a change other than the classes of cars you choose to race with.

      Overall there is a lot to experience but one of the best modes of play is to go online and race with other real drivers. While the AI is competitive it is always better to race against real people with various skill levels and abilities. It makes things more interesting than AI drivers can. When you first climb into the cockpit you are motioned onto pitlane by a crew member. Well I was going to spoil the sunrise but I will leave the rest of this portion for you to find out about when you fire it up and set down in the cockpit and listen to the rumble of a high HP car getting ready to take to the track. I will say this much though. Reach up and pulls those belts tight one more time because you in for a real treat.

      Other features to note. There will be available several blank templates for most of the models to allow you to paint your own liveries on your car. There will also be a tutorial to get you started on painting and making stand alone cars to pass around. This way you can create your own online cars and let all the people you race see what your creation looks like.

      Overall this will be a very complete Mod for the LMP classes. Oh the GT classes you ask? Well as you may have guessed there are none in this Mod at the moment. The Gang at RSDG has some and they may appear in a future version.

      So what about the rest of the story? Well there is nothing like a bit of mystery to keep one on the edge of their seat, right? Well you will see fairly soon as the Mod is in the late Beta stage now and barring unforseen problems should be available soon. So we will leave some mystery in your life until then.

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