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    Assetto Corsa: Procedurally Generated Rally Stages

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    Decisamente interessante è il nuovo progetto modding "rallystico" dedicato ad Assetto Corsa denominato Procedurally Generated Rally Stages: in sostanza l'autore ha realizzato un programma in C++ in grado di generare in modo procedurale per il simulatore di casa Kunos tappe rally sempre diverse, includendo persino la voce del copilota. Come vedete dai video di anteprima, le tappe sono sempre varie ed è lo stesso utente a deciderne l'ambientazione. Al momento sono disponibili per il download due diversi rally, mentre il programma procedurale, peraltro ancora incompleto, non è disponibile.

    When DiRT 4 was announced, I was excited to finally get procedural rally stages. But, like many others, I was left disappointed at release with the tile system they used to create their stages. It was the same corners over and over again. So, in October I decided to try to create procedural stages, and this is where I'm at now!
    My procedural rally generator is a program written in C++ that creates procedural stages without the use of tiles. It generates the terrain, road, trees, and vegetation from scratch. The only thing not procedural is the textures used in the track. All stages generated are made to be compatible with any moddable sim or game out there, and should work well for sims/games released in the future as well. Currently, my main testing platform is Assetto Corsa due to how easy it is to mod, and I have server infrastructure for it for the league.

    Welcome to the development blog of my Procedural Rally Generator project! I've been working on this program/tool for a few months now, and it does what you think it'd do - creates roads and surrounding terrain procedurally, or based on data from the real world.
    My main purpose with this program is to create procedural rally stages, but of course you could use it to create togue roads, cruising roads, or drift stages. The power of procedural generation lets you set up the generator to create just what you want, doesn't matter if it's a mountaineous terrain with narrow roads, or a highway road through a dense forest.



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