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Simracing: limiti e vantaggi

Uno speciale dedicato al mondo della simulazione

Analizziamo limiti e vantaggi per piloti e appassionati! 😉

Speciale simracing

WRC 10 provato!

Prosegue l'evoluzione partita da WRC 8 e 9 ?

Scopritelo con la nostra anteprima...

WRC 10

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    2014 Corvette Daytona Prototypes by the IER Modding Group
    Changelog: 1.0
    -3D completed for both the Dallara and Coyote chassis
    -Completely revamped physics based on data from engineers of the real car
    -Driver animations for both versions
    -Full LOD implementation for better frame rates
    -Feature list updated to current version of AC
    -New and improved sounds
    -New shaders
    -Various graphical improvements

    2015 Oreca FLM09 LMPC by the IER Modding Group
    -Small 3D changes - with more to come once a new modeler is found
    -More accurate physics based off of better data - vastly different to the last release
    -Updated and improved sounds
    -Feature list updated to current version of AC
    -Livery compatibility - although not advised as neither the 3D model nor it's skinning layout is finalized
    -Verification of handling accuracy through tests done by a driver of the real car (so don't complain about the light steering, that's how it is the real thing)


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