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  • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals v3 Inverted

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    La Fanatec ha appena lanciato ufficialmente il primo prodotto di questo 2017: si tratta della pedaliera ClubSport Pedals v3 Inverted, ovvero con la caratteristica di avere il pedale del freno e frizione montati appunto invertiti rispetto al gas. La nuova pedaliera, già disponibile sul sito ufficiale del produttore tedesco, offre anche maggiore escursione ed una meccanica aggiornata sulla frizione, il damper kit già installato sul freno e maggiore spazio fra i pedali.

    In 2017 we will announce a couple of exciting products and this is the first. The new ClubSport Pedals V3 inverted.
    It was developed for our driving school simulator and while the floor mounted CSP V3 are more close to a pure race car, the modified sportscars in a GT series come with inverted pedals.

    Unlike other solutions on the market, the CSP V3i will come with two hanging and one floor mounted pedal. Just like in a real car. We are also using exactly the same ergonomics as in a sports car so they are not just inverted.
    Here are the changes to the regular CSP V3:

    • Clutch and brake pedals inverted
    • More travel and different mechanics on the clutch
    • Comes with damper kit pre-installed on the brake
    • Longer heel rest
    • Wider distance in between the pedals

    The rest of the features is the same as on the CSP V3. We decided to use the PU foam and damper instead of the Eladur springs as this will give you a more realistic travel and feel. If you like the ultra stiff feeling of a formula car then you can still purchase the optional brake performance kit for those pedals as well. The stiffest setting of the Default V3i is a little bit softer than the softest stick combination of the BPK. The footprint is the same as on the V3 pedals so it should fit well into most cockpits. A lot of customers keep asking us how they can invert their CSP V3 or V2 and if we can offer an upgrade kit. As it is quite complicated to assemble it we decided to develop a completely new product and there will be no conversion kit.

    It took way too long to develop this product and I learned that nothing is as easy as it seems if you want to make it right. The ClubSport Pedal V3 inverted are in the warehouse and ready to ship in the EU and USA/Canada. Australia and Japan will follow soon


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