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Automobilista 2: la recensione di DrivingItalia.NET

Il momento che tanti appassionati hanno atteso è finalmente arrivato: Automobilista 2 è uscito ufficialmente su Steam grazie al raggiungimento della release finale 1.0. Tra monoposto, prototipi da endurance, vetture da Gran Turismo e go-kart ce n’è davvero per tutti i gusti, ed anche per noi è giunto il momento di giudicarlo in maniera ufficiale e… imparziale. Scopriamolo insieme!
Recensione di DrivingItalia.NET

F1 2020 Guida al circuito: il Red Bull Ring

Tutto avrebbe dovuto cominciare all’inizio di marzo, ma l’esplosione dell’emergenza Coronavirus ha costretto FIA e Liberty Media a sventolare momentaneamente bandiera bianca. Dopo mesi di stop forzato, ora è tempo di tornare in pista, quella vera! Il Mondiale di Formula 1 2020, infatti, è ripartito sul circuito del Red Bull Ring!
Red Bull Ring

Provata la nuova pedaliera SimRacing Pro GT

Vi presentiamo con una recensione esclusiva la nuova pedaliera professionale SimRacing Pro GT, che arriva direttamente dalla Spagna. Un prodotto molto interessante ed innovativo, con caratteristiche del tutto particolari, da scoprire con questo articolo
Pedaliera Simracing Pro - GT
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    rF2: Skip Barber by ISI v1.54


    Skip Barber Formula 2000 v1.54 Now Available! The Skip Barber 2000 is one of the most useful tools in a sim racer’s toolbox, aiding in the development of proper driving techniques through unrelenting punishment of a bad one! We highly recommend reading the profile page for the Skip Barber 2000 very carefully… We’re very happy to release an update for our version of this car, bring updates to the model, physics and tires (see list below). Download the car from our rFactor 2 cars page.

    Changes from 1.46:

    – Revised tyres

    – Moved to ultra chassis (with flex)

    – Updated to ModelWheelsIncludeAllTireMass=1 fix

    – Bumpstop fix

    – Tweaked undertray locations

    – Minor AI correlation tweaks

    – Updated shaders

    – Updated textures

    – Updated liveries

    – Helmet no longer goes through cockpit

    – New car icons

    – Added rim blur

    – New tire textures

    – New tire damage textures

    – Moved to new steering system

    – Added descriptions and new variables

    A section from our SB2000 profile page:

    The Skip Barber Formula 2000 is the perfect car for either a complete rookie or a seasoned expert to hone their skills. A true racers car, it is balanced in such a way that it works well when driven well, and will work badly (often spinning off the track) when driven badly. If you don’t drive with good technique, it punishes you: It teaches you how to best drive almost every race car you will ever drive…

    The first thing to note is that of the two configurations, the National version is both easier and faster to drive. The Regional version takes significantly longer to warm the tires, etc, but both configurations do have the same handling traits overall.

    It is very important to keep the throttle down while turning, as this will keep the rear suspension loaded and the car more stable. Weight transfer is also critical, and any changes to throttle input on entry or mid-way through a turn, which will shift the weight away from the rear and cause “lift off oversteer”, will often lead to a spin.

    Smooth input is probably the most important aspect of this car, and any car. You must smoothly turn in, carefully feed in the power, try not to fight it too much in the corner, then smoothly let the wheel run as you exit the turn. Always be aware how much the car moves around underneath you, the car will not react well if you put a wheel on the grass on turn-in: That loss of grip will be devastating.

    Most importantly: Don’t give up on it. If you can adapt your driving style to this car, and drive it well, you will become a better driver in everything you drive. The frustration of spinning out will all be worth it if you can beat this car. Additional recommended reading material is Going Faster, which documents a lot of the techniques required in good detail.

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