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  • Nuovo Telemetry Tool v10.6 per Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista 2 ed F1 2020

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    Da non perdere, per tutti i piloti che vogliono essere anche ingegneri e lavorare in modo serio con la telemetria per affinare l'assetto e scoprire ogni dettaglio sul comportamento della propria vettura, la nuova versione aggiornata v10.6 dell'utility Telemetry Tool, ora compatibile con Assetto Corsa e AC Competizione, Automobilista 2, Project CARS 2 ed anche F1 2020.


    This is the tool to make you drive faster regardless of your driving level.
    The tool can be used both offline and real-time to analyze telemetry data, car behaviour and race history.
    Key features:

    • Compare your own laps (speed, controls, forces, line driven etc) in graphs or visually
    • Compare many laps at the same time
    • In real-time map see position of other cars + the pit window (i.e. where you will land after successful pitstop)
    • Extensive data for race, fuel use averages (also per fuel mix mode), how long the tyres will last etc.
    • Very accurate time DELTA to other cars
    • Race history, which you can also save for later viewing

    Easy install, but remember to first read the ReadMe.txt from the .zip







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