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[GTR2] RMS-F1-2021 V1.0 UP

*************** RMS F1-2021
*************** 26.03.2021
Version 1.0 UP

Idea and basic modification: [RMS]Randolf
3D models, physics, templates, Skins with Photoshop-C5, ZModeler2, GEditor - by [RMS]Randolf.
3DSIMED - by Dura.

Mod info:
These modified F-1 based on any real racing cars and are created purely fictional.
Total contained 20 different skins, incl. AMG SafetyCar.
All vehicles have different driving physics !

1) Extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar program
-------------------------------------------------- -----------
2) the 3 Sim files - in the folder: GameData
3) the file - FW2017 + GP2 + GRID_GT in the folder: Sounds
4) the file - RMS F1-2021 + stex. in the folder: Teams

Terms and Conditions / legal notice:
-------------------------------------------------- ---------
This modification was drafted specifically for RMS-F1-league, but may also be used in other leagues.
This modification is intended only for private, not commercial use.
Use of this modification at your own risk - we accept no liability for any damage occurring.
It is NOT permitted to offer this modification outside www.rms-gt-racing.jimdo.com to download !!
A link to the description on this page is of course welcome.
You should not include files are taken without our consent or permission of the respective authors of this modification and used in other projects or published.

Contact :
Community page: www.rms-gt-racing.jimdo.com



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