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The Puresim G-Seat uses data from the game and translates this into Sway (Side to side), Surge (acceleration and braking) as well as pseudo-heave (Vibration effects separated to right and left). In doing this, the Puresim G-Seat provides variable and sustained simulated forces otherwise not found in even full motion rigs costing tens of thousands of pounds.


Unlike standard motion rigs, the Puresim G-seat will allow you to feel sustained, lateral G-force as you go round a corner, feel increased G-force as the corner tightens and feel the back end of the car come out if you’re not careful!


The stereo rumble effects will allow you to feel the rumble strips left and right as well as road texture, engine vibration, gear shifts, bumps, knocks and crashes.


A panel presses your back on acceleration so you can really feel the horsepower and the in-game telemetry will make it easy to feel the difference in power between a road car and formula one race car.

The race harness tightens on braking to simulate real world deceleration forces.

The combination of all these effects together really makes the game come alive, offers a leap forward in immersion and can help shave those extra tenths from your lap time. Best of all, it adds to the fun.

The Puresim G-Seat MkII Now accepting a limited number of pre-orders

Revised, more powerful belt tensioners
Sleeker, more streamlined design
Added power
New stock expected soon
New stock arriving. We will be shipping the first units at the end of March 2021.

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