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La monoposto più divertente su rFactor 2

ASR Formula in pochi giorni ha rilasciato vari aggiornamenti per le loro monoposto più riuscite: Formula 2 del 2017, GP3 Series del 2015, Dallara RSR F3 e la nuovissima ASR-H... Quale sarà la vettura più divertente da guidare?
La Formula più divertente

Simracing Academy: uso delle marce

Dopo avervi insegnato i concetti di base sulle traiettorie e sulle tecniche di frenata, ora è giunto il momento di fare un piccolo passo avanti… sull’utilizzo di marce e cambio. Siete pronti?
Parte 4 Simracing Academy

iRacing Season 1 2021

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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP

Beginning with 2021 Season 1 (December Build), iRating and Safety Rating will now be adjusted based on the event track type, instead of the series’ identified license type, for series with multiple track types. As part of this highly requested feature, the selected track type iRating that will be affected also will be used to determine splits. This change applies for any combination of cross-license/track type events.

For example, some series will primarily run Asphalt Oval tracks, but may run a few Asphalt Road tracks throughout a season. As the system stands currently, after completing an event at the Asphalt Road course, their Asphalt Oval iRating and Safety Rating are affected, since that is what the series is categorized as. This change instead applies iRating and Safety Rating changes to a driver’s Asphalt Road ratings after Asphalt Road tracks.

NOTE: This change is independent from any License requirements for entering into an event for the series. For example, if the series is for Class C Asphalt Oval licenses, then that remains the requirement for entry even on weeks where it may be racing at an Asphalt Road track.


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Cedar Lake Speedway. The newest dirt track joins the service in the next build! More dirt content!!




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