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La monoposto più divertente su rFactor 2

ASR Formula in pochi giorni ha rilasciato vari aggiornamenti per le loro monoposto più riuscite: Formula 2 del 2017, GP3 Series del 2015, Dallara RSR F3 e la nuovissima ASR-H... Quale sarà la vettura più divertente da guidare?
La Formula più divertente

Simracing Academy: uso delle marce

Dopo avervi insegnato i concetti di base sulle traiettorie e sulle tecniche di frenata, ora è giunto il momento di fare un piccolo passo avanti… sull’utilizzo di marce e cambio. Siete pronti?
Parte 4 Simracing Academy

[rFactor 2] ASR-H Formula by ASR Formula modding team


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

ASR-H is a Fantasy car that we created specifically for esports championships.

It will be available for rF2 and AC.

It will be an open-wheel formula close to a Formula 2 with some features and performance close to an F1.

The rF2 version, for technical reasons, as it does not support the hybrid engine, will have approximately the same performance but with a traditional aspirated engine.

The AC version will include the hybrid part and the management of the same.

We will release the various templates to facilitate the creation of custom skins.

Other details regarding distribution methods and release date will be explained soon in another communication.

I want to thank all the sponsors / partners who will be present on the liveries of our new car!


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Some more information on the ASR-H.

We are in testing, thanks also to the special participation of Indy champion Simon Pagenaud, who is providing us with important feedback on physics. By the will of Pagenaud, he will be present inside the mod on his car number 22!

Thanks to Simon for his kind concession and for his help!


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew




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