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Automobilista 2 by Reiza Studios

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Following the Announcement of Automobilista 2, a number of people enquired about the possibility of either pre-ordering or upping their backing level from our 2015 crowdfunding campaign to include AMS2-related perks.
We´ve come up with something that will hopefully seamlessly complement & integrate both the crowdfunding campaign and membership packs from AMS1, as well as provide a sustainable growth to AMS Beta / Reiza51 development forum. We´re calling it the Automobilista 2 Early Backing Campaign.
Although this wasn´t originally in our plans, as we are an independent studio we can always use a funding boost, and it seems to make sense to open up for backing from those whom, like us, are most interested in the product itself.
Please note this is not a crowdfunding campaign for Automobilista 2 development, which continues to be funded by our regular revenue sources - the game doesn´t rely on any level of success from this campaign to be completed.
It is also not a standard Early Access program - it will eventually grant backers an early Beta access to the game before its official release, but that will only take place towards the final weeks of AMS2 development.
Essentially this is a pre-order with extra perks, allowing those interested in the sim to buy in early, get a nice overall discount and become more closely engaged with Automobilista 2 development.
Funding from the AMS2 Early Backing Campaign will be completely directed to boost development of Automobilista 2, particularly towards allowing us to acquire some premium licenses at a quicker rate and hopefully in time for initial release.

Backing options:

  • US$ 119.99 for new members
  • US$ 99.99 for users that already own AMS + All DLCs
  • US$ 89.99 for Reiza Members and Simracing Bonanza backers of level3 or below
  • US$ 79.99 for Simracing Bonanza backers of level 4
  • Exempt of extra charge for Simracing Bonanza backers of Level 5 and above

What it earns:

  • Automobilista 2 base game (US$ 49.99 on release)
  • Automobilista 2 Season Pass * (US$ 99.99 on release for first 2 years of free DLCs)
  • AMS 1 + Season Pass for all DLCs (which user can send to a friend in case he already own it).
  • Reiza 51 access & voting rights in development polls
  • Automobilista 2 Beta access ** (Available Now)
  • Backer Badge in User Profile
  • Early access to car templates / chance to include skin and author´s name as its driver

*AMS2 DLC roadmap for 1st 2 years so far includes:

  • Expansion Pack 1 (cars & tracks, TBA)
  • Expansion Pack 2 (cars & tracks TBA)
  • Expansion Pack 3 (DIRT PACK)
  • Legendary Race Tracks Parts 1 to 5 (each including one legendary track in various historical iterations)

With more items expected to be added.

**Automobilista 2 Beta will be similar to Automobilista Beta program in AMS1 - a separate AMS2 install on Steam available before the main game release; and after the game is released AMS2 Beta will continue to receive early beta updates and new WIP content (free or DLC) before they are deployed to the main game release.

AMS2 Beta will be available exclusively to backers and the Automobilista 2 Early Backing Campaign will close before official AMS2 is released - AMS2 Beta will not be available for new users after Automobilista 2 v1.0 is officially released.

Important Notes:

In previous similar pre-funding campaigns we managed to deliver the vast majority of the content and features proposed; we have also offered a number of bonus perks over the years for those who opted to back us early.
We have however occasionally changed our original plans, and on a couple of instances failed to deliver on a few proposals originally outlined.
We stress that these are complex games to put together, and things dont always go as originally planned; we cannot guarantee it wont be necessary to make such course corrections again during AMS2 development. This includes failures in scheduling, delivering specific features and content, and including support for certain types of hardware.
Joining the AMS2 Early Backing Campaign will earn users voting rights and the chance to influence development, it will not warrant the right to make specific demands on development decisions.
The backer campaign is non-refundable and you already get keys for the products upon purchase, so please take these considerations above into account before you do. if you are uncomfortable with any of these terms, please wait out until the game is officially released.

Fonte Reiza forum

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And we are off - now Automobilista 2 has it´s own Facebook Page! Please follow us here for the latest updates and previews for AMS2 over the remaining months of development until December:
Automobilista 2

Our Steam Page is also live now - check it out and make sure to add it to your wishlist:

Finally we have also made it to Instagram - follow us here for exclusive screenies:

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These lists illustrate cars and tracks which are present in the game now - not what there will be on release and beyond. The artwork will be updated as we progress through the next BETA builds and continue on from release onwards.
*Please disconsider the Trucks and Kart Rental, those are actually coming in BETA2.


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