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RaceRoom update 20-02-2020 con Zhejiang International Circuit

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Il team Sector3 ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience. L'update, oltre alle consuete migliorie e bugfix elencati qui di seguito, ci mette a disposizione anche il nuovo tracciato di Zhejiang International Circuit, che è possibile acquistare per Euro 4,98 direttamente a questo link.

The Zhejiang International Circuit is now available in RaceRoom. Scheduled to be used at RaceRoom events taking place throughout Asia (and China in particular), this Chinese racetrack is now available in the RaceRoom store.

Update details:
Download size = 312 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 4695656
Dedicated server version = 58.0.1083
Dedicated server BuildID = 4695721
New Content: Zhejiang International Circuit


Reputation - Incident points cooldown has been increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds to limit escalation after being pushed out of the track.

Reputation - Player now receives one incident point for invalidating a lap.

Reputation - Just after a 4 seconds cooldown, we are now ignoring further incidents for track object collisions, going off-track and losing control until the car has rejoined the track.

Option - The headrests of the cockpit seat were reportedly annoying for VR users as the camera was clipping through, so we added an option to toggle the rendering of the driver seat.

Controllers - Added a profile for the Xbox gamepad when connected through bluetooth

Controllers - Thrustmaster and Logitech wheels - Tweaked force exponent, max output and front wheel grip exponents to increase FFB feel in subtle effects

Fixed controller profiles for Bodnar cable and Fanatec CSW 2.5 to prevent some detection issues.

Fixed controller profile for the Thrustmaster T500 that was missing lines for Flatspot effects

Fixed Car Setup menu that wasn't hiding the differential settings for cars that do not allow changing them.

Fixed Car Setup menu not saving the differential setting for frontwheel driven cars

Fixed puffs of smoke and brake marks left by players with high latency

Fixed blinking of high latency opponent cars in multiplayer. It will now only cease to render the car if the opponent's latency is consistently above 1 second.

Fixed AI control in pitlane that could sometimes accelerate the car above the pitlane speed limit.

Fixed free flight camera that wouldn't work under certain conditions in the race monitor.

Content updates:

Smoothed revlimiter and pit speed limiters logics for a selection of cars that were problematic.

Red Bull liveries that were urgently replaced last update now have an updated image in menu and website.

Audi TT cup - AI tuning

Audi TT VLN - Added more gear ratio options

BMW M3 GT2 - Fixed the rear camber that was asymmetrical in default setup

BMW M6 GT3 - Fixed two esport liveries that had swapped renders in menu.

Canhard R52 - Fixed Launch Control that was wrongly available for this car

GT4 cars - AI tuning

KTM GT4 - Tweaks to damage, tweaked its clutch for better standing starts

Porsche 934 RSR - Added more gear ratio options

WTCC Chevrolet Cruze - Fixed a wrong tyre file

WTCC 15/16/17 - Updated suspension to improve toe control

Imola - Modified cut corridors a bit to try and get rid of a wrong cut detection on the start/finish area.





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