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CIGT ACI ESport: regolamento, iscrizioni e prequalifica!

E' giunto il momento di iniziare a scaldare i motori virtuali del Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo ACI ESport 2021, che si svolgerà con la versione PC di Assetto Corsa Competizione...

SimracingGP DrivingItalia: gare e tornei gratis per tutti

Ci sono già oltre 280 piloti italiani nella community Simracing.GP di DrivingItalia, per correre gratis gare e tornei "for fun" con Assetto Corsa ed Assetto Corsa Competizione! A breve anche RaceRoom ed Automobilista 2
Community Simracing.GP DrivingItalia

Discord DrivingItalia: chat testo e voce ovunque!

Una social-app gratuita, per chat testo e voce, semplice da usare, via browser, tablet o smartphone.
Già oltre 2600 utenti attivi sul canale Discord di DrivingItalia, entra anche tu!
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Automobilista 2 - Official Thread

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Automobilista 2 has now been updated to v1.1.0.5 - this is a hotfix to further complement our latest release with some additional improvements and corrections.
The update is large in size (1.6GB) because of a build error changing the checksum of some large files that have otherwise remained unchanged - we apologise in advance if that causes any inconvenience.



  • Fixed bug that could lead to vehicles receiving draft from vehicles far behind them


  • Fixed distance to screen value on triple screen setup


  • Further driveline adjustments & fine tuning, fixing issues with clutch slipping in upshifts with some cars
  • Adjusted default clutch setting for Stock cars, Montana, Camaro GT4R, Porsches
  • Fixed bug with F-Retro wet tires breaking physics
  • Fixed bug with F-Ultimate slicks breaking physics if driven on wet
  • Adjusted default gear ratios for M1 Procar, Group A cars


  • Further improvements to AI lateral weaving/abruptness of movement
  • Added new improvements to AI behaviour when it predicts it´s going to run off the road (should reduce some causes of abrupt lateral movement / loss of control)
  • Further general A performance callibration


  • Caterham Academy: adjusted sounds, improved audio loops
  • Copa Fusca: Fixed engine sound drop-off during gear shifts
  • SprintRace: further improvements to audio loops
  • M1 Procar: increased volume when driving in swingman view


  • Spa: various fixes for lodding pop-ups, further optimization
  • Velopark: Improved wall collisions; fixed some terrain gaps; improved shadows; adjusted tire stack height; adjusted 3D grass to fix instances of wall clipping; removed shadow casting & reflections from transparent face
  • Interlagos Historic: Added startlights; removed shadow casting from transparent fences
  • Oulton Park: Added missing track lights
  • Curitiba: Adjusted HUD map zoom
  • Curvelo: Adjusted render mesh to match updated physical noise


  • Added community liveries: Copa Fusca - Fernando Goncalves #888 / Luiz Gonzaga #09 / Marcos Cruz #20 / Tom Emilsen #3422 / Troyan Donut #61 / Filomena Silva #00
  • Caterham 360 Superlight - Allan Nenes #25 / Gasper Zupan #2
  • Caterham 620R - Gyda Marvik #25 / Chris Shire #26
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