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Automobilista 2 - Official Thread

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

This is another complementary update to the latest release & a hotfix for CTD issues saving and loading setups. It also brings some further developments to new AI logic on first lap & track limit penalty systems, both of which are still ongoing developments to receive further improvements in time for the next update.

  • Fixed CTD when saving / loading car setups
  • Fixed in-game session lengths block displaying wrong values in multiplayer
  • Further adjustments to AI behaviour over first lap (ongoing development)
  • Further revisions of penalty system & detection of cars to be ignored when going off track (ongoing development)
  • Fixed position 6 selecting position 5 on instant replay leaderboard
  • Fixed load to frontend placeholder background image
  • Fixed text in vehicle selection screen displaying in some wrong situations
  • Fixed & corrected StockCar 2020 thumbnails
  • Fixed error in Stock Corolla causing a blank red car to load
  • Fixed error in one of the new AI personalities causing some drivers to coast to a halt
  • Further adjustments to ARC Camaro, Truck, Stock Car onboard cameras
  • Slightly reduced kart scrub radius
  • Further minor adjustments to tyre sidewalls & load damping
  • Slightly reduced AI Aggression multipliers for all cars
  • Slightly reduced grass, gravel bump amplitude for less bouncing when going off-track
  • Hockenheim: Adjusted AI pace in T2, T6 and T8 @ Hockenheim Modern; Adjusted AI pace @ final corner in 77/88 layoutsAdd some pit in/out line cones to 88/01 versions
  • Londrina: fixed broken pit exit/entry merge to main path.
  • Corrected Stock Car 2019 driver model animations
  • Stock Car 2020: Piquet Jr livery update with Extreme SimRacing logo
  • Stock Car 2019 - Collision mesh correction
  • ARC Camaro - Fixed cockpit mirrors
  • Camaro SS Added wiper animations and cockpit vibrations
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  • VELOCIPEDE changed the title to Automobilista 2 - release finale
  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

The Automobilista 2 V1.0.2.0 Update brings two Classic Grand Prix cars: the Lotus 49C and the Brabham BT26A are two all-time beauties and they will be free for all AMS2 owners! The cars are coming with an update full of improvements, as well as with the release of the new Silverstone Pack DLC - all of it coming up later tonight!



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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

The new Automobilista 2 update adds plenty of free new cars, several developments to championship mode, a completely revised track limit penalty system, many AI adjustments along with the usual batch of improvements & fixes in other game fronts.
The track limit penalty system & regulations have now been completely revised to adhere more closely to real racing regulations and for better consistency. A more detailed explanation on the rules for track limits as of v1.0.2.0 will follow shortly.
This update also brings the home of British Motorsports to AMS2 - the Silverstone Pack features several historical iterations of the track through the decades along with its current layout - unique fast flowing challenges perfectly suited to the cars that raced on them!
This pack features 4 distinct versions of this legendary track from 4 different decades - 1975, 1991, 2001 and 2020; additional layouts for the main track in each era will be gradually added in future updates.

FULL V1.0.1.2-> V1.0.2.0 CHANGELOG:



  • Added F-V10 Gen1 class
  • Added Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26A to F-Vintage Gen2 series
  • Released Silverstone Pack featuring 2020, 2001, 1991 & 1975 versions (DLC package)e


  • Championship mode: Added Frontend standings table; Added race length scaling option; Added progress reset option; Fixed bug ensuring player vehicle respects championship configuration.
  • Added new track limit penalty system- no more slowdown penalties (except to give back positions), driver has a customizable number of track limit violations before being awarded a drive-thru penalty
  • Added penalty tolerance logic for when the cut occurs over grass/gravel or occurs after a contact with another vehicle
  • Decreased the distance in which a track limit violation invalidates the next lap
  • Track limit rules made standard for all racing sessions (whether single or multiplayer) for better consistency


  • Added Brazilian-PT localization (Beta)
  • Fixed some situations where Championship was incorrectly identified as a Career championship
  • Added UI Pit Strategy screens (access via Setup screen)
  • Added Vehicle List switch option to Vehicle Selection page.
  • Fixed Time Trial info unit still showing old style in Minimal mode
  • Multiplayer chatbox now logs all messages over the session
  • Removed the fade delay from "Give back Position" HUD message so it disappears instantly when position is returned


  • Reduced tyre speed effects on adhesive friction for all slick tires
  • Increased longitudinal slip (and reduced understeer as a result) for f-Retro, F-Vintage, Opala 1986 tyres
  • Adjusted F-Vintage Gen2 tyre width, diameter & gear ratios to match new official cars
  • Reduced engine inertia on all MRX engines
  • Adjusted front splitter pitch sensitivity for prototypes, GTs
  • Minor aerodynamical revisions for AJR, Stock 2020
  • F-Ultimate: Adjusted ERS charging & deployment properties (higher throttle threshold, more charging from full brakes) to minimise chances of battery running out over 1st laps
  • Adjusted car body friction & restitution (slightly less jerky when coming into contact with other cars)
  • Fixed Copa Classic CTD from missing wet compound tyre
  • Fixed Camaro SS 6th gear ratio


  • Removed all "artificial" AI functions affecting their behavior in racing situations (minimises unpredictable reactions)
  • First-lap decision making on 1st lap introduced in v1.0.1.0 now applies to all race laps
  • Fixed AI tendency to put wheels on the grass on straights for no apparent reason during lap 1
  • Added initial version AI defensive driving logic (very subtle on this release to minimise potential issues)
  • Further AI refinements to reduce likelihood of accidents on lap 1, including logic for AI to be more careful when rejoining the track after going off
  • Adjusted DRS activation speeds for AI for Sigma P1 & AJR cars equipped with the device
  • Minor AI Grip tuning for Cascais, Hockenheim
  • Improved pitlane merge to main path at Hockenheim GP / National


  • Super V8: Muted PitLimiter sound for now until further code adjustments


  • Hockenheim 2020: Slightly relaxed high frequency road surface noise for a less bouncy ride


  • Added F-Classic suspension animations & adjusted driver animations (all models)
  • Fixed F-Trainer driver hands position in 3rd person view
  • Stock Car Cruze 2020: Fixed chassis visual glitch
  • Camaro SS: Corrected mirror position
  • ARC Camaro - Fixed visual glitch on liveries 3,4,98,99
  • Puma P052: Corrected display RPM and Speed readings
  • Chevette: Windscreen reflection reduced
  • Stock Car Cruze, Corlla 2020: Added dynamic dirt & damage


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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP


  • Adjusted range of allowed track limit warnings to 1-50
  • Multiplayer chatbox history no longer logs joins/leaves and limits history playback when switching page
  • Fixed session overview leaderboard not filling in Multiplayer session
  • Fixed incorrect text on pit strategy back buttons
  • Adjusted F-Vintage body aero lift (all models)
  • Fixed VW Truck crashing to desktop when loading
  • Adjusted Ultima & Camaro SS tyres (stiffer tyre sidewall, reduced a speed sensitivity, stiffer front ARB and springs) & AI tuning
  • Adjusted F-Reiza tyre tread (better retention of adhesive friction at speed)
  • Decreased AI defensive lateral movement range to reduce chances of weaving
  • Minor reduction of AI brake grip
  • Minor AI performance callibration pass for F-Vintage, Ultima & Camaro SS
  • Adjusted AI wet tyre grip for Formulas V12, V10 Gen1 & Gen2
  • Silverstone (all versions): General art passes & added remaining trackside objects (including period accurate 1975 pit building)
  • Hockenheim: fixed trees popping up in the horizon of 1977 version
  • Incremental AI speed adjustments at Imola 2019 - Chicane T11; Kansai - T11, T14, T16; Spielberg - T1, T2; Donington - Mcleans (T7); Goiania - Chicane entry; Kyalami - T13, T16; Oulton Int - chicane entry; Santa Cruz - chicane;, Taruma Chicane; Velopark - Last corner.
  • Camaro SS: Fixed tachometer
  • Brabham BT26A: Added front suspension animation & texture, material updates
  • F-V10 Gen1:- Added material to sidepod intakes
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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP


  • Added Silverstone 1975 "No Chicane" layout
  • Added Silverstone 2001 National & International layouts
  • Silverstone 1991: added missing physical tyre barriers, smoothed segments of curb steps vs surrounding terrain to minimise chances of cars launching over it; added missing start light gantry,
  • Silverstone 2001: added start light gantry
  • Silverstone 2020: minor art pass, added missing brake markers
  • Initial updades to Championship UI design
  • Temporarily disabled time acceleration mid-session (may trigger physics issues) until such are resolved
  • Adjusted driver animations for Brabham BT26A
  • Adjusted driver animations for Ultma GTR Race
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Mirko Cipolla

In realta questo aggiornamento e' stato rilasciato solo per i BETA al momento siamo in attesa del rilascio anche per gli ALTRI

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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP

V1.0.2.1 -> V1.0.2.5 CHANGELOG:


  • Added Mclaren MP4/12 to F-V10 Gen1 series
  • Added Silverstone 1975 "No Chicane" layout (part of Silverstone Pack DLC )
  • Added Silverstone 2001 National & International layouts (part of Silverstone Pack DLC )
  • Added Silverstone 2020 National & International layouts (part of Silverstone Pack DLC )


  • Added support for "extra brake" device on Mclaren MP4/12 (shared with hand brake command)
  • Potential fix for a CTD when returning to lobby after a Multiplayer race
  • Fixed bug causing starting grid being sorted by class when transitioning from scoring sessions (Q/R).
  • Fixed time penalties when a driver fails to or cannot serve a drive through on the last lap
  • Increased tolerance parameters for track limit violations from going over grass / gravel and after contact with another car
  • Increased pit speed limit violation tolerance before instant DQ from 60 to 100km/h


  • Added art pass to Replay / Monitor screens, reducing overall size of controls, updating assets/colors of splits unit to improve readability, uses driver display name in splits unit for both, and 'in pit' marker to Replay splits unit
  • Added toggleable full leaderboard to monitor screen (also available to MP spectators)
  • Added message to MP session end leaderboard screen when waiting for host
  • Added more compact controls bar to replay screen UI
  • Initial updades to Championship UI design
  • Temporarily disabled time acceleration mid-session (may trigger physics issues) until such are resolved


  • Fixed FFB Caster deflection calculation
  • Re-enabled FFB scrub effect
  • Adjustments to default FFB profile (rack force split to low-mid-high, scaling them differently, curbs slightly enhanced among other minor changes)
  • Reduced adhesive friction speed sensitivity for Stock V8, GTs, Prototypes, Super V8
  • Minor tyre tread adjustments for Ultima GTR Road, Camaro SS, F-Classic Gen3
  • Adjusted Weight distribution, Aero center of pressure, adhesive friction for all F-Retro series cars
  • Slightly adjusted Stock2020 center of gravity height (both models)
  • Globally reduced aerodynamic effects from drafting & turbulence
  • Enabled slight collision pitch & roll damping (aiminig to minimise issues with over-the-top collisions)
  • Adjusted physics tick rate in attempt to minimise sync errors in Multiplayer
  • Added minor friction & preload to open differentials (Opalas, F-Trainer, F-vee Pumas, Fuscas, MCRS200, FWD Classics)
  • Rectified several incorrect, unoptimal or conflicting differential configurations & ranges still available from setup screen
  • Fixed viscous diff incorrectly disabled for F-Ultimate
  • Balance of performance revision for P4 class
  • Added viscous differential to Ultima GTR Road
  • Fixed V12 engine bug in F-Retro / F-Vintage causing car to break in aggressive downshifts


  • Improved AI performance in pack (both better pace & less incidents)
  • Fixed AI performance in practice / quali being slower than race (minor callibration still required)
  • AI race performance callibration pass for various classes


  • Fixed audio gear wobble
  • Added triggers to support audio engine splutter on downshifts
  • Fixed Stock Car Corolla referencing wrong sounds
  • Revised positional audio (engine sound movement when looking left-right) for all cars


  • Silverstone 1991: added missing physical tyre barriers, smoothed segments of curb steps vs surrounding terrain to minimise chances of cars launching over it; added missing start light gantry; Added dynamic brake markers; corrected Goodyear advertising to be period accurate
  • Silverstone 2001: added start light gantry
  • Silverstone 2020: minor art pass, added missing brake markers
  • Santa Cruz: Moved start trigger to solve missing first lap for grid slot 1; recallibrated brake marker spacing, added missing dynamic brake markers
  • Spielberg Historic: Major art pass (WIP)
  • Spielberg: repositioned pit box and redid pit lane (reducing lateral separation); attempted fix for some AI cars from hitting pit wall when laving pit box.
  • Added new crane models to various tracks
  • Added TV cranes & camera men to several tracks
  • Kansai West: fixed timing bug
  • Kyalami Historic: Fixed timing bug, moved grid positions back 1 row, delete unused grid line markings; Moved start trigger and start line forward 5m in line with marshal hut
  • Brands GP/ Indy: fixed timing bug


  • Adjusted driver animations for Brabham BT26A
  • Adjusted driver animations for Ultma GTR Race
  • Adjusted Ultima race driver gear shift animation
  • F-Vintage (all models) - Added dynamic redline needle
  • Added F301 & F309 driver & suspension animations
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Ho acquistato Automobilista2, percorrendo qualche tracciato già conosciuto in altri programmi (Rfactor2 ed Assetto corsa) ho l'impressione che il tracciato delle piste su Automobilista2 sia molto più largo e quindi apparentemente i rettilinei  più corti anche se i tempi di percorrenza sono simili. Qualcun'altro ha avuto la stessa impressione? Può dipendere dalla risoluzione del 49 Wide? a fatica riesco a visualizzare correttamente la vista dal posto di guida, su alcune vetture mi viene tagliata la parte bassa del cruscotto, ma non riesco a ridimensionare.

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  • Alfred ita changed the title to Automobilista 2 - Official Thread

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