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Crew Chief per ACC...

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Ieri sera ho usato di nuovo CC e a me va discretamente bene in SP (nel senso che mi dà indicazioni durante la gara) ma in MP non parla... a meno che no gli faccia domande io.

Ma ho notato anche (sempre in MP) che se chiedevo distacco ad ogni giro, mi diceva sempre 23.1 secondi... ora, va bene che magari sono costante ma così tanto sia io che chi mi è di fronte????

Qualcun'altro ha notato problemi simili o no? Tanto per capire se c'è qualcosa che non va sul mio...

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Nuova versione che dovrebbe risolvere il problema multiplayer  e forse ultima beta..



right fellas, this is (hopefully) the last test version before a proper release


this contains a couple of important fixes - first, the spotter code has been modified a bit so the spotter doesn't wait for an outstanding UDP read operation to complete before using its data. This should (hopefully) reduce some of the lag. The other fix is much more fundamental. The shared memory sometimes (every few seconds) sends duff data for the session type ("UNKNOWN"). This makes CC think a session has been restarted when the data go back to normal ("RACE" or whatever). Because the glitchy data is only transient I've added a bit of code to ignore this 'unknown' session type if it lasts for <1 second.

The upshot of this is that CC should be less likely to chuck away all its internal state, making it generally 'more betterer' but I've run out of testing time now - i've confirmed the fixes work as intended but i've not been able to run a proper race session to see whether they improve the experience. Feedback would help a lot here. Clearing and recreating its internal state adds quite a lot of CPU overhead so if the previous versions were doing this every few seconds, this latest version should be less resource hungry.

Ah, also, if you're switching between games and get annoyed by the big scrolling list full of old crap you don't play, you can now choose which games appear in that list by adding a comma-separate list of game names to the 'Limit available games' property. Something like "ACC, R3E, pCars2, Assetto, RF2" should work

Non vedo l'ora di provarlo stasera... l'immersione ne giova a mille!!!!!

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5 hours ago, salentino said:

Nelle opzioni audio del gioco abbassa il livello sonoro degli avvisi - radio fino a zero o come più ti piace 

ma così abbasso anche l'app?

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