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[rFactor 2] Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Track converted from Asseto Corsa whit permission from the autor-Gunnar333,so all credits to him and a huge thanks in name of all rFactor 2 comunity :)So here is a little story about my relation to the Goodwood Festival of Speed:
After watching the annual FoS broadcasts and having the lack of this circuit in AC and other sims (AFAIK only GT6 featured the 2012 version of it) I decided to try this project after finishing my Borgloh track.
Thanks to open LIDAR and YouTube I was able to find good resources for modeling the 2017 version.

The Festival of Speed 2017 was held from June 29 to July 2. It celebrated 70 years of Ferrari, 50 years of AMG and Bernie Ecclestone. The central sculpture honors the "Five Ages of Ecclestone". And if you look closely you can spot Bernie on the Goodwood house balcony watching you trying to break the lap record.

In 2018 I finally visit the FoS. What a great experience. And I get the chance of seeing parts of the track you don't find online (like the top paddock) and taking millions of photos for texture work.
I go link the paypal from the autor to any one that whats to pay him a beer :)https://www.paypal.com/donate/?toke...jy7WBmH6jQ4ybBuT5CoW&country.x=DE&locale.x=DE
Now the track in rFactor2:
This is an earlier beta version,no realroad shader yet,AIW is not perfect,some textures are glowing.
Crowds only appear in a race weekend.
Fireworks showing at night as some ilumination.
Ferriwheel by ISI
Thanks all and have a nice weekend running the virtual GFOS :)

Fonte rFactor 2 forum

Video da Assetto Corsa






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