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rFactor 2: roadmap update Maggio, Le Mans in arrivo


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Com'è ormai consuetudine di fine mese, il team Studio 397 ha pubblicato il nuovo Roadmap update del mese di Maggio dedicato al suo rFactor 2. La novità più importante che viene segnalata dagli sviluppatori è il prossimo arrivo della spettacolare pista di Le Mans!


Summer seems to be in full force already, looking at temperatures here in Europe. Besides it being a good time for ice-cream lovers, it also caters to endurance-enthusiasts, with the iconic races at Le Mans and the Nürburgring coming closer and closer. As if this wouldn’t be enough already to get our racing hearts beat faster, how about some naturally aspirated high revving machinery.

So here-it-is! You probably didn’t see it coming, but yes it’s here. No need for a long dramatic intro. We’re ecstatic to announce Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans otherwise known as “24h Le Mans” is coming to rFactor 2. And the cherry on top, it’s coming much sooner than you think. So you are right to get excited now!

As with all of our latest track content, we are pulling out all the stops. The 2018 terrain is modeled with millimeter precision using the latest in laser scan technology. Nothing but the best for this epic track. What other sim to bring out its real potential than rFactor 2 with it’s heritage with endurance multi-class racing.

Bringing this iconic track to life has been a passion of ours since we started, our studio name even includes the record 397 laps achieved in 2010. Officially licensed by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) the 24h Le Mans circuit is over 13.6 km and unique in nature with long sweeping corners and high-speed straights. With the nature of the track also comes a unique race. Le Mans challenges drivers like no other, with 24 hours of hard racing throughout the night and often with difficult weather conditions! rFactor 2 will offer you that challenge – look out for our Road to Le Mans competition coming soon!

We will be releasing more details over the next couple of weeks.





In other news!

When it comes to things, features and content we currently work on, we could even fill an entire roadmap just with listing it. This means we are pretty busy with working on our favorite sim to ensure that we see even more great racing this year. We have our teams working on the UI, Competition system, updated shaders as well as new cars and of course the Nürburgring/Nordschleife. Progress can be seen everywhere right now which makes us proud every day, but there is still a lot of work up ahead to bring everything your way. But we are on it! Let´s get into details for some of the topics.


With Le Mans on the way, we’re looking forward to bringing an updated competition format for you all to take part in.  Details will be posted shortly!! Additionally, you may have seen that McLaren Shadow will be back for another season, so brush off your wheel and get ready to enter into this fantastic competition which we are proud to support!

New UI

The UI itself we are still very busy under the hood, working on optimizations and fixing bugs that arise as part of the new features being integrated. One big feature we can now announce is the Launcher as you now know it, a separate application sitting on your desktop will now have all of it’s features fused into the in-game UI. This means no extra interface to deal with, it’s an all in one unified UI experience, as it should be! And of course we by now also implemented more details in the in-game matchmaker, and one request we often get is the ability to filter AI vs real life humans in the server list. It’s important to know who’s a bot and who’s not! This is working now, and will be released as part of the new UI.

Enjoy the summer, we’ll be back with more news soon!


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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP

Marcel Offermans riguardo la nuova UI

The UI is in testing at the moment, all the basic features are done. We have integrated the competition system and the launcher. What's now left is a few phases of testing, starting with our internal testing team and then some additions to our content (stuff like extra descriptions to show in various places, and new artwork) and finally translations into different languages. It's our intention to do a public beta as soon as our private beta team can't find any bugs or other showstoppers anymore. How long until that point? Hard to say exactly, but weeks rather than months. That's my most honest view on the current state.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Alfred ita

Il circuito di Le Mans sara' disponibile oggi, nelle prossime ore si potra' acquistare, intanto c'e' un update proprio per le vetture del DLC Endurance:

Endurance Pack Update:

Update to force "Low Downforce" upgrade for Le Mans.

Porsche 991RSR GTE v1.79

Corvette C7R GTE v1.83

BMW M8 GTE v1.63

Norma M30 LMP3 v1.77

Oreca 07 LMP2 v1.63

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

A pochi minuti dal termine della 24 Ore di Le Mans 2019, nella quale fra l'altro ha trionfato la Ferrari 488 GTE del team AF Corse in classe GT Pro, il team Studio 397 ha prontamente rilasciato per rFactor 2 il nuovo circuito di Le Mans 24H realizzato con tecnologia laser scan, che potete acquistare direttamente via Steam per Euro 10,99. E' stata rilasciata anche la nuova build version 1.1112 di rFactor 2 e le versioni aggiornate delle vetture di classe endurance, come la Porsche 991RSR GTE, Corvette C7R GTE, BMW M8 GTE e Oreca 07 LMP2.


Just a few weeks ago, in our latest roadmap, we announced that Le Mans was coming to rFactor 2. Now, on the weekend that the 2019 edition of this famous 24h race is held, as the real cars pass the checkered flag after yet another memorable race, the racing won’t stop! We are proud to announce the release of the Le Mans 24h track, available immediately! For those of you who can’t wait, here’s the link to the store, where you can buy your copy of the track right now and start driving!


The story of the creation of this iconic track goes all the way back to the days when Studio 397 was founded, almost three years ago now. I guess, when we chose the name of our company we already showed our intention.

Being new to the game obviously meant that we had to first introduce ourselves to the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) and build a relationship with them. Such things always take time. Over the first two years, we met regularly, explained our ideas and plans, and listened to their feedback. In that same time period, we also entered into discussions with various other tracks and car manufacturers and showed that we were serious about making rFactor 2 the most realistic racing simulation for everybody who enjoys the experience of driving race cars. All these things led to a licensing agreement, roughly a year ago, that all parties were happy with.

Just in time too for doing a laser scan of the 2018 track, as obviously Le Mans only exists in this configuration for a couple of weeks a year. With the license in place and the scan in our possession, production work started a little over half a year ago, with us balancing our track team resources at the time between three big tracks, the Nürburgring, already in production at that time after we announced it at SimRacing Expo last year, Monaco and Le Mans.

As with Sebring, our goal was to create the most realistic model of Le Mans possible for any consumer-oriented racing simulation available. By pairing our highly accurate physics with a very detailed road mesh, we have recreated the track in a way that makes you feel every bump and curb out there.

Graphically, we have used our latest shaders on this track. Improvements to our lighting model and materials are still in full swing. So whilst you will find this track already looks gorgeous, it is safe to say we will do an update once everything is finalized later in the year, and we will provide a more in-depth update on this process in one of our upcoming roadmaps.

Enough said about production and background. Let’s take a closer look at all 13.6 kilometers of this track!

A lap around the track


We’ll start our lap from the pit lane, with an impressive pit building on our right and lots of spectators on grandstands on the other side, as we merge onto the main track on the inside of the Dunlop Curve.


This high-speed turn leads into the Dunlop Chicane, a left-right combination that is followed by the famous Dunlop Bridge.


After that, it’s downhill through the sweeping Esses, a series of fast turns.


Then it’s on to one of the many great corners on the track: Tertre Rouge, a fast right hander that takes us onto the longest straight on the track, so having a good exit here is crucial.


The Mulsanne Straight, or Ligne Droite des Hunaudières as the French call it, in old times was a long straight.


Since 1990, it’s been broken up by two chicanes.


At the end of the straight, jumping over a slight hill, we end up in Mulsanne Corner, where you brake really hard and brake discs glow ferociously. Again, having a good exit onto the next straight is important here.


The next straight takes us to Indianapolis, a very technical corner where you first go right at high speed and then have to brake hard into a 90 degree left hander with some banking. If you mess up your approach here, you’ll pay for it as there is not a great deal of run-off area unless you abort the left hander completely and go straight on.


From Indianapolis it’s only a short sprint towards Arnage, a slow right hander that is followed by a straight that leads us to one of the most exciting parts of the track, the Porsche Curves.


Here you have to be brave to keep your foot down, and even though recent changes have introduced larger run-off areas, the walls are still dangerously close so you most definitely don’t want to get it wrong here.


Next up, we have the Corvette Curves followed by the Ford Chicanes, a series of two chicanes that slow the cars right down. Alternatively, this is where you shoot straight ahead to dive into the pits.


Coming out of the chicanes, you end up back on the main straight to start another lap.


This ends our tour of the track.

Build changelog

With the track release comes a new build too. As always we advise people to update their dedicated servers and game clients. In fact, Le Mans requires this new build.

rFactor 2 version: 1.1112
Steam Build IDs: 3921932 (client), 3921933 (dedicated server)


  • Improved performance logging to be faster and give more information.
  • Fixed skewed driver labels on triple screen multi-view (cockpit and track-side full-screen cams).
  • Removed aggressive threading as it’s not that helpful.
  • Improved timing to help avoid stutters and real-time freezes.
  • Improvements on materials and lighting (see article above for full description).
  • Implemented all new ‘digital flags’ – for ‘Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans’


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Ho un grosso problema con Le Mans ed è la primissima volta che mi accade una cosa simile.

Dopo aver acquistato è scaricato il circuito da Steam, lo vedo nel contenuto di Rfactor come disponibile e installato, ma in realtà in game il circuito non è presente.

Cosa mi consigliate di fare?


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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP

Domanda banale e stupida ma che va fatta: hai "cercato" bene nel gioco? Lo chiedo perché anche io non lo trovavo aspettandomi il circuito con il nome "24h Le Mans", però poi mi sono accorto che c'era e si chiama "Circuit de la Sarthe"

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5 hours ago, Walker™ said:

Domanda banale e stupida ma che va fatta: hai "cercato" bene nel gioco? Lo chiedo perché anche io non lo trovavo aspettandomi il circuito con il nome "24h Le Mans", però poi mi sono accorto che c'era e si chiama "Circuit de la Sarthe"

Non è affatto una domanda né banale, né stupida anzi credo proprio sia così. Appena riesco vado a vedere.


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