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rFactor 2: 2019 IndyCar Series 500 by IndyCar Team & Apex Modding


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew


We are excited to officially announce the 2019 Indycar Series! This labor of love is being brought to you thanks to the partnership between Apex Modding and The Indycar Team, spearheaded by the Reny Group.

For now we are aiming for a beta (v0.5) being made available on Indy 500 Sunday, so you can experience a first glimpse of these cars! Drivers, engineers, and others involved in the series have been assisting with development. We are eager to reach final release but to ensure the quality of the content, we will not skip any stages. With that in mind, being a beta, we have quite a few items that are placeholders or not yet implemented:

- Not all cars and liveries included
- First pass of physics, placeholder sounds, liveries (very old Pagenaud car livery added last second)
- 3D model will receive update. Completely new driver to be added on future update
- No region mapping of the liveries yet
- Optimization to be done on next update along with other unmentioned items

For now, enjoy this sneak peek! :)

indy 1.jpg

indy 2.jpg

indy 3.jpg

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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP

L'alternativa credo si chiami iRacing e costa uno sproposito. Mi tengo la mod gratis

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11 hours ago, Walker™ said:

L'alternativa credo si chiami iRacing e costa uno sproposito. Mi tengo la mod gratis

Di tanto in tanto mi abbono ad iRacing per vedere se è migliorato ma al momento è ancora sotto rFactor 2 come fisica e FFB, anche confrontando le peggiori mod.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP
1 hour ago, MarcoR1 said:

Di tanto in tanto mi abbono ad iRacing per vedere se è migliorato ma al momento è ancora sotto rFactor 2 come fisica e FFB, anche confrontando le peggiori mod.

Guarda io ci ho passato 4 mesi l'anno scorso su iRacing. Tutti mi dicevano che era il miglior simulatore in giro, poi lo provo e mi restituisce sensazioni sotto a quelle di rF2 e Automobilista per dire. L'unica cosa che è davvero il meglio sul mercato è l'infrastruttura multiplayer. Ma sinceramente non me la sento di pagare così tanto. Fosse stato solo l'abbonamento ok, ma far pagare 15 euro una pista e 12 una macchina è un furto, considerando le tasse pure... il gioco non vale la candela.

Poi per carità parliamo comunque di un buon prodotto, ma che di certo non vale 100 e passa euro di sub all'anno e almeno 100/200€ di contenuti all'anno

Edited by Walker™
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Guarda, non è un problema di costi ma di piacere nella guida.

C'è gente che paga senza problemi e sinceramente per una passione come quella dei sim € 200 all'anno non sono molti considerando che si acquistano schede grafiche da € 1.000, visori da € 600 e volanti e pedaliere da € 800.

Il problema è che hai a disposizione rFactor 2 o Automobilista che ti fanno divertire di più.


Edited by MarcoR1
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Da Facebook


Hello everyone, here are some news tidbits about our 1999 Endurance mod and the 2019 IndyCar Series:

First, the Le Mans 24 Hours is just around the corner and we are trying to get four of our Endurance 1999 cars ready, to make the 20 years since that eventful race. These will be the Mercedes CLR and the Toyota GT-One (both will be free) from the GTP class and two GTS cars. We have included a sneak preview below.

About Indycar, we are facing unforeseen issues with the 2D part of our mod which means the full field will be delayed. We're studying two possibilities but the upside to this update is the key people working on physics and sounds are doing well. Our next update may not bring the mod to 1.0 but we will likely be locked in for other aspects including a scratch-made new driver with full animations!

On the physics side, the engineers have been busy with their teams - they had Indy, Detroit, and just left Texas - so they are finally able to devote time to this. We aim to include good stock setups so no secret or unrealistic tweaks must be made to achieve decent laptimes.

We cannot wait to have everything completed but we will not wait for all cars to be painted to release the update. We want to let you all get your hands on the new car and enjoy it as much as the drivers themselves are enjoying it. It is all about accuracy!

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  • 2 months later...
  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Il lavoro procede...


Fortunately the pros are back from vacation! Our artist has done some amazing work working alongside the engineer and designer and below are a few previews. The better news is at least four drivers tested the latest build and physics might be release candidate.
A couple of points worth pointing out:

  • Fully implemented scratch-made 3D driver model and helmet with motion
  • Brand new cockpit & steering wheel
  • More ultra-HD liveries completed
  • New tyres
  • RC physics


A (1).jpg

A (2).jpg

B (1).jpg

B (2).jpg

B (3).jpg

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  • 1 month later...
  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Apex Modding


A little late to post the news here, our Indycar mod has been updated! Here are the changes:
- Updated sound mixing
- Updated default garage setups for both Road Course and Oval configurations
- Fixed movable mirrors
- Updated cooling/heating levels of brakes and radiator

Go on and have fun this weekend! Share your videos and photos with us


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