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SRO E-Sport Series - Assetto Corsa Competizione

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Racers! [HOT NEWS]
1) SILVER Special Event for Round 4 - Nurburgring is now active! Make sure you correctly subscribe to www.sro-eSport.com and you join the challenge!
2) the regulation of round’s on site AM selection, semi finals (all) and final has been modified!

Regulation changes:
1) the AM semi final will GRANT access for 4 on-site selected drivers from the public, PRO and SILVER can’t replace the first 4 fastest AM in the public. While the rest of the 8 AM semifinalists will be the 4 drivers from 5th to 8th position of the SILVER semi final and the 4 drivers from 5th to 8th position of the PRO semi finals. PRO and SILVER drivers will no more participate in the AM Hotstint challenge to define their re-draft Hotstint.

2) Car Selection for Semi Finals and Finals
ACC cars will be split in two groups A and B. 
Group A will feature the cars that are actually fast and easy to setup in order to be fast, while Group B will feature most “uncommon” cars, fast the same, but harder to work on. 
Each simulator will be assigned with the available choice of just 1 of the cars from group A and all the Group B cars.

The simulator assignment will be drafted randomly across players.

Rig 1
Car 1 from group A or whatever car from group B
Rig 2 
Car 2 from group A or whatever car from group B

The specific cars for group A and B will be announced during the drivers briefing, before the semi finals. 
The car chosen will be the only possible car for the round final, for each driver.

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David Greco difenderà i colori italiani nel prossimo round del SRO E-Sport GT Series al Nurburgring!

sro esport.jpg

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