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[F1 2018] F1 2019 Season Mod by Krisdix

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A tempo di record, dopo la presentazione ufficiale della nuova Haas F1, prima monoposto a svelare la livrea della nuova stagione di Formula 1, Krisdix ha rilasciato per F1 2018 la nuova versione 1.3 del suo F1 2019 Season Mod, che implementa nel titolo targato Codemasters la nuova stagione del mondiale F1 che partirà a marzo dall'Australia. Il mod, che sarà naturalmente costantemente aggiornato in questa prima fase, ci offre già le prime novità, come appunto la Haas, Leclerc in Ferrari, Raikkonen in Alfa Romeo e cosi via. Qui di seguito tutti i dettagli, un video tutorial per l'installazione ed i links per il download del file da ben 2,5GB.

Hello and welcome to the fourth instalment of my season mods, the 2019 Season Mod.
Following the success of the last years season mod being the #1 Most downloaded mod for 2017, I wanna do it again for this game!!!

Similar to last year this season mod will be the best it can be. So far only fantasy livery's are installed as no cars have been released yet.

What is in this Mod:
- 2018 Driver line up (Leclerc (FER) Gasly (RBR) Kubica (WIL)
- 10 Team Fantasy Livery's
- 19 new helmets
- Updated Team wear
- Updated Pit crew
- Fully upgraded Career Hub
- Provisional 2019 Grid Performance
- New UI (Driver Select, Car Select, Career Selection Etc)
- New Main Menu & Track Loading screens

How to install:
So for this mod I have suffered no crashing compared to 2018's which was plagued with loads. Remember Vanilla installation to assure no unnecessary issue form. NOW THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!!!!! CURRENTLY ONLY SHORT QUALIFYING!!!!!! NO FULL QUALI OR YOU WILL CRASH!!!! 

What is next:
- Update Alfa Romeo Team including new name
- Update Real Livery's when launched
-Update to 2019 Real Performance
-Include track sponsors and pit lane


Racedepartment https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/krisdixs-2019-season-mod.25099/
Mega https://mega.nz/#!1JdRhKQa!-DGfEWMqgKwLNWaWdZeJ4sDNP68d5p1NfU5KTUqhmO8 
Drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1e71QrmiWNRzn6xz73HKr-h9x1kp8a3Ve





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Patch 1.4:

Added Williams livery Credit @KeisariKine

Added Toro Rosso livery

Updated Williams ch

Updated Toro Rosso Career Hub

Updated ROKiT Williams Racing Name

updated car select

fixed Italian RUS name


Added Kvyat Helmet Credit @Dimitar Vitanov

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-Fixed qualifying bug (Still testing May Not Be 100% Fixed)
Not updated UI That will be tomorrow's update 
-Updated Ferrari Livery
-Added Red Bull Livery
-Added Racing Point Livery
-Added Mercedes Livery @KeisariKine
-Added Sauber Test Livery @nicksawyl
-Added McLaren Livery @TheSevi
-Added Williams Race suits @jburon72
-Added Vettel Helmet @Dimitar Vitanov
-Added Albon Helmet @Joofcorner
-Added Magnussen Helmet @Neasty
-Added Leclerc Helmet @Neasty
-Added Sainz Helmet @JrEEmY
-Added Norris Helmet @Neasty

ferrari f1 2019.png

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DOWNLOAD v2.3 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fj_G3T3O2--BdyvVAJrRTfAf-LiU_NHj

What is in this Mod:
- 2019 Driver line up (Leclerc (FER) Gasly (RBR) Kubica (WIL)
- All 10 Team Livery's On Original Chassis
- 17/20 new helmets
- 2019 Teams wear
- 2019 Teams Pit crew
- Fully upgraded Career Hub
- Australian Grand Prix Car Performance
- New UI (Driver Select, Car Select, Career Selection Etc)
- New Main Menu


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Nik Zeero

L'ho eseguito come da video ma i nomi dei piloti rimangono quelli vecchi

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