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GP Bikes by Piboso: disponibile la versione beta 15

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L'inarrestabile Piboso ha appena rilasciato la nuova versione beta 15 del suo GP Bikes, ottimo simulatore di guida dedicato al mondo delle due ruote da competizione. Questa nuova release beta 15, oltre ai consueti bugfix e correzioni, ci offre il supporto per le motorizzazioni elettriche, le animazioni per gli oggetti a bordo pista, l'animazione per la leva frizione, il supporto per gli spettatori, il rendering in HDR e molto altro.

Per il download del file da 212MB (che funge anche da versione demo fino all'acquisto della licenza) dirigetevi a questa pagina, mentre per commenti e discussioni utilizzate pure questo topic del forum dedicato.


fix: rear wheel gyroscopic simulation 
fix: gearbox simulation 
fix: automatic shift 
fix: improved the chain simulation 
fix: multiplayer collisions 
fix: trainer add crash 
fix: background rendering in high resolution screenshots 
fix: Mesa 3D shaders errors 
new: support for bikes with no clutch 
new: support for bikes with no gearbox 
new: electric engine support 
new: track timer support 
new: track standings support 
new: trackside objects animation support 
new: support for the engine temperature warning light 
new: clutch lever animation 
new: spectator support 
new: option to disable the dynamic track surface 
new: HDR rendering 

Release Notes
- a clean installation is strongly recommended
- since GP Bikes is a 64 bit only application the default installation folder has been changed to "Program Files"
- replays are not compatible with the previous versions
- the mods folder setting has been moved to the file "gpbikes.ini": http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=14.msg95654
- please note that this is only the first release of the new bike. Please leave your feedback so it can be improved in future updates.





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Beta 15B

Release notes
- This update is a code patch only. Therefore, there are no fixes for the M2 bike issues ( overheating front tyre and onboard replay cameras ).
- When using the "Free Roam" camera in replay, the numpad decimal key now cycles between normal mode, mouse look and tracking
- The "Free Roam" camera FOV adjustment is now non-linear
- "Max Power" in the "Bike Info" page has been changed from kW to HP ( please note that modders still have to use kW in the INI file, though )
- The testing laptimes sent to the plugins should now be correct

It is possible to download a patch at this link, to avoid having to re-download the whole installer:
To install it, simply overwrite the file gpbikes/gpbikes.dll in the GP Bikes installation folder.

Full download:

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tra un po' sono 10 anni che è in beta, io lo provai molti anni fa e con il pad era ingiocabile....

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