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iRacing: Season 1 2019 Holiday Patch

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Coming this week in the 2019 Season 1 Holiday Patch, iRacing will bring arguably one of the biggest dirt races of the year to the simulator, the Chili Bowl.


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Sono tante oggi le novità per gli appassionati di iRacing. Come prima cosa il team americano ha annunciato che saranno ben $300,000 i dollari a disposizione come premi in denaro per la nuova stagione 2019 che partirà dal prossimo mese di Febbraio con i vari tornei mondiali. Oltre ai campionati eNascar Peak e Porsche Series già annunciati in dettaglio, ci saranno infatti anche quelli per le gare su sterrato e rallycross, per un montepremi totale che arriverà appunto ad oltre 261mila Euro!


Six eSport World Championships to be Contested on iRacing

iRacing announced today the total prize pool for the six eSport World Championships organized and contested on the racing simulation platform. A total of $300,000 cash will be paid out to the top simracers in the world in 2019. The championships begin in February and run through the end of the year and will see racers compete online, from their homes, connecting through the iRacing service. All World Championship series will be broadcast live on the iRacing eSports Network (www.youtube.com/iracing-esports-network), Facebook (facebook.com/iracing), twitch (twitch.com/iracing) and on iRacing.com (iRacing.com/live). The six World Championships showcase the diversity of iRacing’s offerings – NASCAR, Sports Cars, Dirt Ovals and Rallycross – ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

“This is exactly what we envisioned we would be doing when we launched iRacing in 2008 – create the most competitive and authentic racing simulation,” said Dave Kaemmer, founder and CEO, iRacing.com. “We have serious prize money for all of these World Championship series now. eSports are here to stay and the commitment from iRacing and our amazing partners shows we are in it for the long haul.”

2019 will be the tenth year iRacing has hosted World Championships and sees monumental increases in prize money for competitors. The eNASCAR PEAK Antifreeze iRacing Series, NASCAR’s only officially sanctioned World Championship eSports Series, and the longest-running eSports World Championship, jumps to $100,000.

The recently announced Porsche iRacing World Championship will also pay out $100,000 in prize money. This brand new eSports World Championship Series is supported by Porsche Motorsports and will see drivers from around the globe racing in the iconic Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car.

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car and World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Championships, will each increase their prize pools to $25,000. Showcasing the best dirt oval simracers, these series live up to the hype – “the fastest show on dirt.” Finally, the iRacing Rallycross World Championship and the VRS GT iRacing World Championship, which features team endurance racing, will see their prize pools increased to $25,000 per series.

iRacing, the original eSports racing game, was built with championship series like these in mind. Using a proprietary match-making system (iRating) that ranks drivers skill, simracers progress through the ranks and ultimately to world championship level drivers if they are in among the best. The iRating system works equally as well for the non-elite drivers and helps to keep all levels of racing competitive for everyone on iRacing. For more information on the iRacing World Championship Series visit www.iRacing.com/world-championships.

Nella serata di ieri è stata poi rilasciata la nuova patch 1 della Season 1 del 2019: oltre ai consueti bugfix e migliorie, l'update porta con sè anche un paio di interessanti novità, ovvero il tracciato ovale da sterrato di Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals e le animazioni ai box dei meccanici Indycar, che ci vengono presentati entrambe con i trailer qui sotto.


This release includes The Chili Bowl dirt oval track, and the fully animated IndyCar pit crews for all Dallara models! We've also included some fixes to keep your racing at top-notch to help you bring in the new year. Happy Holidays! 
iRacing BETA Interface 
- Fixed a background issue that was causing some users to experience a slow response when taking some interface actions. 

- A curative elixir has been given to all crew members who were suffering from a metallic skin condition. Hopefully, there are no lasting side effects. 
- Fixed an issue where headlight flare effects were not rendering correctly during the day. 
- Fixed an issue where the sky was not appearing behind the rest of the scene, and at a distance in 3D, when using nVidia3D. 

Dynamic Sky 
- Fixed an issue where track-side objects could turn black at twilight when vehicle headlights were disabled. 
- Some diffuse light is now added to the reflections of objects at night. This will correct an issue, as seen on the cones at Lime Rock Park, where reflective areas could appear black at night. 
- Fixed an issue where static shadows on the track surface were not turning on or off when getting in or out of a car with different Replay vs Graphics settings. 
- Fixed an issue with cloud lighting where it would incorrectly dim and then get brighter again at sunset and sunrise. 

Time of Day 
- The "Clock:" label has been changed to "Sim Time:" on the Replay screen. 
- The short day-of-week name has been added to the displayed value, and changed the color of the value from red to black so that it does not stand out as much as the Session Time. 

Pit Stops 
- Fully animated IndyCar pit crews have been hired to work on all Dallara models! 
- - Dallara DW12 
- - Dallara F3 
- - Dallara IR18 
- - Indycar Dallara - 2011 
- - - Be sure to take a pit stop with one of these cars to see the team in action! 
- A rule change for GTE pit stops has been implemented. 
- - Cars must now re-fuel first and may only change tires once re-fueling is complete. This addresses both Members' requests and the anticipated change in real-life WEC rules for the 2019/20 season. 

- The variable name "dc" has been changed to "dp" based on if a driver control is tied to the F7 black box or not. 
- Fixed an issue where the "TimeOfDay:" and "Date:" strings were not being pulled correctly. 

Dallara IR18 
- Fixed an issue where some wheels on opponent cars were not spinning correctly or were floating above the ground. 

NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 - 2018 
- Additional details have been added to more distant LODs of this vehicle to reduce popping seen when the model and textures down-sample. 

Charlotte Motor Speedway 
- The flagger is now properly situated in his box. 
- Removed some of the extra blue cones that block off the old Roval configuration road. 
- Fixed a bump located at the exit of the infield road course near the light pole, and stitched up a terrain seam under the pit-out wall. 

The Chili Bowl 
- - The Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals, a brand new indoor dirt oval track, is now available for purchase in the iRacing Store! 
- - Located at the Tulsa Expo Center in Oklahoma, racers from around the country across multiple disciplines come together to bear witness to what has been dubbed the 'Super Bowl of Midget Racing'. The Chili Bowl Midget Nationals is a prestigious dirt racing event that has seen the likes of Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, Christopher Bell, Kyle Larson, Rico Abreu, and the Swindell family fill the grids. The inaugural Chili Bowl was organized by Lanny Edwards and partner Emmett Hahn. It was named after a local company who sponsored the first event. The race has been hosted at the Tulsa Expo Center since it was founded in 1987. The inaugural 1987 event consisted of 52 midgets competing in the 2-day event. The event now consists of four days of qualifiers for the Saturday night A-main event. The Chili Bowl's key ingredient is the clay which once covered the adjacent fairgrounds. Without sun or wind to harm it, the indoor garden (roughly a quarter-mile circle) is heavily saturated so that the boldest dirt track artists of our time can truly shine. It accommodates over two hundred race rigs, bleachers for thousands of people, and an ever-growing trade show. To stroll the aisles of Tulsa's QuikTrip Center, the home of The Golden Driller, is to rub shoulders with champions from across America. 
- Grab yourself a helping of the fabled indoor dirt oval from the iRacing Store! 

Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans 
- Additional lightmaps have been added for greater detail at night. 

Williams Grove Speedway 
- Fixed a terrain seam located on an access road on T2 outside access road


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Season 1, Update 2 Build Notes:


  • Active Practice Sessions can now be launched from the Open Practice tab of the Official Series section on the interface.
  • The License column has been added to the Pending Sessions in the table view.
  • Performance improvements have been made for browsing the Official Sessions section at peak usage times.

Time of Day

  • Updates have been made to how Session Duration is handled using the Time of Day options.
  • A reference table has been added to this section to show the duration of each Session type in a race weekend and if any of them exceed 32 hours in simulated length. This table is accessible from the Time Limit panel of the Session Options.
  • A red warning pill will now be displayed on the duration slider for scheduling server time if the Session duration is exceeded.
  • An alert message is displayed if any Sessions' simulated lengths are in excess of the allowable maximum of 32 hours.

Time Attack

  • The Time Attack Results page has been completely rewritten. 
  • This should solve many of the issues seen with it in past releases and make it faster and more reliable.


  • When hitting "back" from League search, results are now auto-submitted to show the pool of results again. 
  • Removed the pound sign (#) from the "# of League Members" column when viewed in table-view. 
  • League Owners may now correctly boot League Members. 
  • A confirm dialog has been added for creating a new League, as this action uses currency. 
  • A modal menu has been added to recharge iRacing Credits when creating a League if you do not have sufficient funds to create the League. 
  • Hosted League Session names are no longer being set automatically.


  • Checking off multiple tags now returns content that matches any of the selected tags, instead of all selected tags together.

Paint Kit

  • Fixed several issues where the Paint Kit could say "Changes Not Saved!" when in fact the changes were saved.


  • The Update button will now only be processed once, even when both a car and a track need updates when using the interface in the table view.

iRacing Simulator Update Release Notes [2019.01.09.01]


  • Fixed an issue where crowds would not fade correctly when the environment was foggy. 
  • Fixed an issue with nVidia3D not rendering the sky correctly.

Heat Racing

  • Fixed an issue that was allowing a Session in a Heat Racing Event to back-up in time if one or more sessions prior to it ended up being skipped.

Pit Stops

  • Fixed an issue where a tire could move under your car during a pit stop with the animated NASCAR pit crew.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented switching to the "@Team" radio frequency using the "@transmit" chat command.

Admin Commands

  • Fixed the chat output error message for trying to make a user an Admin when the user is already an Admin.


  • Text chat macros now properly ignore any trailing "$" characters at the end of a line when typing macros into the chat window. 
  • The "$" character is only applied when typing commands into the text chat macro box and it indicates the command should be executed immediately, it has no meaning when typed into a chat window directly.


  • A new telemetry value, "DRS_Count" has been added that counts how many times DRS was used on the Formula Renault 3.5.

Dallara F3

  • Adjustable master cylinders have been added to fine-tune brake feel. A realistic range of master cylinder diameters has been implemented. 
  • Maximum pedal force and brake pad friction have also been adjusted so line pressures are in a realistic range.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car (991)

  • An update has been made to the V6 tire construction and compound. These changes should provide faster response without losing over-the-limit controllability.

Charlotte Motor Speedway

  • Fixed an issue where segments of the track could sometimes appear transparent.

The Chili Bowl

  • A new dynamic track initialization algorithm has been applied to this track, which adjusts the berm's water content. 
  • This should make racing on the berm impractical

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Patch 4

- The Membersite has been updated with the ability to select to use Dynamic Sky when creating a Hosted Session, and when using the TEST panel! 

- Fixed a bug that could cause cars to temporarily disappear if the Race Server hit a particular error condition. 
- Fixed a bug that could cause the set of cars that the Race server sends to a user to not necessarily be the cars that are closest. 
- - This could occur in two different situations: while a spectator in a Session, or if there was a network hiccup that caused a user to briefly "wink-out" inside the Race Server (the kind of error that could lead to laps being marked "discontinuity"). 

Race Control 
- Fixed an issue where if a gained time checkpoint gets triggered in an area at or inside a very sharp corner of track geometry, the car could appear to already be before the checkpoint and cause the rule to immediately think the car had already yielded enough time and cancel the gained time tracking before it even started. 

Heat Racing 
- Fixed a bug in the formation of the Feature Race starting grid that could improperly restrict the number of cars that make it into the Feature. 
- Fixed an issue where the results of drivers who would not run in the Feature Race where included in the pre-Feature Warmup Session results. 

Pit Stops 
- Improvements have been made to the wing and clip replacement algorithms so that now the repair timer is aware of them. It will report their progress as part of the required repairs countdown timer. This should help clarify when a car is still actively receiving repairs. 
- - This change effects the following vehicles: 
- - - Chevrolet Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype = Nose replacement. Work only begins after the car comes off jacks. 
- - - Indycar Dallara - 2011 = Front wing replacement. Work only begins after coming off jacks. 
- - - Dallara DW12 = Front and rear wing replacements. Work only begins after coming off jacks. 
- - - Dallara F3 = Front and rear wing replacements. Front wing work begins while on jacks, and rear wing work begins only after coming off jacks. 
- - - Dallara IR18 = Front and rear wing replacements. Work only begins after coming off jacks. 
- - - Formula Renault 2.0 = Front and rear wing replacements. Front wing work begins while on jacks, and rear wing work begins only after coming off jacks. 
- - - Formula Renault 3.5 = Front and rear wing replacements. Front wing work begins while on jacks, and rear wing work begins only after coming off jacks. 
- - - McLaren MP4-30 = Front wing replacement. Work only progresses while on jacks. 
- - - Williams-Toyota FW31 = Front wing replacement. Work only progresses while on jacks. 

- During controls calibration, the Num Pad Enter key is now accepted when prompted. 

Customer Service 
- Some functionality has been added to help customer service get the content version numbers for installed content to help diagnose loading errors. 

Cadillac CTS-V Racecar 
- Fixed an issue where this vehicle's brake lights were not working during the day. 

Dirt Late Model 
- (ALL) - Clutch pedal functionality has been removed from these vehicles. 
- - This was done to prevent a reported corner exit "clutch dump" exploit. Drivers should no longer be able to use the clutch pedal in these cars. 

Dirt U.M.P. Modified 
- Clutch pedal functionality has been removed from this vehicle. 
- - This was done to prevent a reported corner exit "clutch dump" exploit. Drivers should no longer be able to use the clutch pedal in this car. 

Formula Renault 3.5 
- Durability strength of the rear plank collision spheres have been increased by 50%. 

Porsche 911 RSR 
- Fixed a minor aesthetic issue with the rear of the vehicle model. 

Daytona International Speedway 
- The gained-time checkpoints at the hairpin turns have been updated to correctly penalize people using the inner road surface as a shortcut. This change adds about 1.5 seconds to the gained-time penalty. 

Daytona International Speedway - 2007 
- The gained-time checkpoints at the hairpin turns have been updated to correctly penalize people using the inner road surface as a shortcut. This change adds about 1.5 seconds to the gained-time penalty

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