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Project Cars 3 incoming!

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Ian Bell, praticamente il capo di Slightly Mad ha confermato che il franchise Project CARS avra' una nuova release, in poche parole Project CARS 3 è in lavorazione!

Bell ha partecipato al forum di GT Plant per confermare ai fan che un altro gioco di Project CARS è in lavorazione e con una tipica sfrontatezza che di solito ci aspettiamo da questo franchise, Bell ha suggerito che il prossimo loro titolo "sbaragliera' qualsiasi altro simulatore di guida sul mercato".

Ovviamente ogni dichiarazione del genere deve essere affrontata con il sorriso sulle labbra dato che che non e' la prima volta che la sentiamo, sicuramente attirera' molta attenzione su di se ma dopotutto e' quello che vogliono!

Resta sintonizzati per ulteriori notizie!

(Uscita probabile estate/autunno 2019)


Fonte: RaceDepartment

Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell has reportedly confirmed the smash hit Project CARS franchise is due another new release - Project CARS 3 is in the works... 

Never one to be shy with the big predictions, Bell has taken to the GT Plant forums to confirm to fans that another Project CARS game is in the works by Slightly Mad Studios, and with a typical shyness we've all come to expect from new PCARS news, Bell has suggested the next instalment of the franchise will " blow anything else, planned by anyone else, out of the water".

Now call me a sceptic, but we've heard statements like this before in relation to Project CARS games, and although both PCARS 1 and 2 certainly do some things very well indeed, for many players they often leave a more than a little to be desired in comparison to their main sim racing rivals.. especially when compared to some of the grandiose statements made by the developers during the build up period prior to release.

Now of course this "announcement" is very early in nature, and as such very little is known about the intentions of SMS and the development path of PCARS 3, but one thing is for sure, whenever a PCARS title is in the works, plenty of excitement is sure to follow..

Stay tuned for more news as and when it becomes available...

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