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[AC] Skoda Octavia Cup 2018

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Skoda Octavia Cup 2018

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ACCentral.cz Modding team presents Skoda Octavia Cup - 2018 specs. This car is based on Skoda Octavia RS 3rd. generation and is used in Octavia Cup Series in middle Europe. This mod is our first mod and was created with help of real mechanics and was tested by real drivers, so our priority was mainly physics and behavior of the whole car,not the detailed model, but we did what we were able to do to make it as best as possible 

Mod highlights:
Shader pack ready
working wiper and door animations (BLM car rain effect ready)
Physics was created and finetuned by original mechanics and drivers of real Octavia Cup and top simracing drivers in CZ/SK community
interchangeable track maps in cockpit (based on real series 2018)

Do not use forced ABS or TC to drive the car, it will cause issues, use factory settings instead. This will be fixed with next update.
This car has Ohlins dampers where 0 is hardest and 20 softest setting, don't forget it while setting the dampers.
Mod version: 1.0 contains only basic skin pack, real series skins are WIP and will be available in upcomming weeks. Template for skinning is included in the mod. Stay tuned for updates...


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