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McLaren M23, MP4/8, MP4/13 annunciate al SimRacingExpo

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La collaborazione con McLaren per lo Shadow Project porta i primi frutti anche per i sim racers. Lunedì, salvo ritardi, saranno rilasciate per rFactor 2 tre nuove vetture dello storico marchio: la M23, ma MP4/8 e la MP4/13, tutte gratis. Assieme alle nuove auto sarà rilasciata anche una nuova demo (con una di queste monoposto) e l'online, così da dar modo a tutti di provare il sim con i suoi ultimi aggiornamenti (VR inclusa) nel caso si fosse ancora indecisi sull'acquisto.

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We´re proud to announce our forthcoming content coming free to rFactor 2: the Mclaren M23, McLaren MP4/8 and McLaren MP4/13 are coming and forming an integral part of McLaren Shadow

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Today we announced that we are bringing new shaders, materials and a whole lot more to rFactor 2! As you can see the results are rather stunning 😍





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Don´t just admire Icons – become one!
The motorsport world is full of heroic stories, iconic cars and unbelievable moments of success. Many of these tales include McLaren. How many times do we as simracers dream about the golden age of motorsport and wish we could have driven in that era. All the myths around specific cars and the strong characters that drove them fuel our ambition to create our own legendary moments, either on virtual or real tracks. What would you have done if it was you sitting in the racecar back then?
Read the rest of this announcement here: https://www.studio-397.com/2018/09/mclaren-racecars/ 

It´s release day for our new iconic McLarens! Three and free! Don´t own rF2 yet? Check out our updated Demo with one of these cars - you can even compete with it in the first round of McLaren Shadow!









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