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Parte 3 Simracing Academy: tecniche di frenata

Dopo aver esaminato i fondamentali della guida in pista e le traiettorie più appropriate, oggi è arrivato il momento di parlare di una delle skills più difficili da allenare per un pilota: la frenata.
Parte 3 Simracing Academy

Annunciato il Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo ESport 2021

ACI ESport prosegue il suo cammino nel mondo simracing, lanciando il nuovo torneo con la versione PC di Assetto Corsa Competizione: il Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo ESport 2021
Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo ESport

Simracing Academy: l'intervento di Aristotelis Vasilakos

Il mitico Aris ci ha parlato naturalmente di dinamica del veicolo, ma non sono mancati i suoi consigli, svelando qualche piccolo segreto rispondendo alle domande degli allievi...
L'intervento di Aris Vasilakos

F1 2020: guida al circuito di Imola

Il Mondiale F1 2020, dopo 14 anni di assenza, torna sul mitico Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola, per il Gran Premio dell’Emilia-Romagna.... Scopriamo tutti i segreti del glorioso tracciato sulle rive del Santerno.
Guida al circuito di Imola

F1 2018 Official Codemasters Patch

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F1® 2018 PATCH NOTES – 1.13 (PC) and 1.14 (PS4 and Xbox One)

Patch 1.14 is now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and you can find the patch notes below.
Patch 1.14 reverts the sportsmanship/showmanship fix in contract negotiations which was included in patch 1.13. This fix has been removed because an element of it was not working as intended, and because of this version 1.13 was skipped on PS4 and Xbox One.

 Added option to disable tyre carcass temperature – the Tyre Temperature option can be found in Gameplay Settings and there are two choices: ‘Surface & Carcass (Simulation)’, which is the setting that 2018 has used up to this point, and the alternative ‘Surface Only’ option.

Fixed an issue where online stats would fail to update correctly. If your stats fail to update after this patch, please let us know in the Discussion thread, please be sure to include the platform you are on and which stats are not updating for you.

Improved times generated when a session is fast forwarded or Flying Lap / Return To Garage are used (i.e. time is skipped / accelerated). This will prevent times being generated that are around a second a lap too quick on the higher difficulty settings.

Increased frequency of safety car deployment for multiplayer.

Fixed an issue where the safety car could incorrectly come out after using a flashback.

Fixed an issue in online sessions where players would occasionally load into the incorrect track.

Fixed an issue where certain PCs would use the incorrect audio update rate.

Fixed an issue in the UDP telemetry output where the PlayerIndex value would change to the incorrect player when entering spectator mode.

Fixed a bug that meant players could be given a speeding in the pit lane penalty even if they were below the speed limit and had the limiter on when they crossed the limiter line.

Fixed a bug that meant the AI would sometimes not go out to do a second hot lap in Qualifying.

Safety car improvements when picking up the lead car when they are close to backmarkers.

Fixed a bug that caused AI cars to be teleported back to the pit lane when loading a mid session save created in the garage while the player is in the garage. This could cause the AI to set very short sector times.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

F1® 2018 PATCH NOTES – 1.15

Patch 1.15 is now live on PC, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions to follow soon, and we’ll keep you updated when they’ll be released. In the meantime, please have a look through the patch notes below.

Safety Rating and Skill Rank should no longer reset on Xbox One.

Fixed several issues where spectators and players could get stuck in a perpetual load state in multiplayer.

The Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car should no longer trigger after a flashback.

Fixed an issue where teams would value showmanship and sportsmanship incorrectly in contract negotiations.

Wheels should no longer feel like they are losing power/force feedback mid race.

Near/far chase camera should no longer jump when entering and exiting the pits.

Fanatec CSL Elite should be able to be calibrated correctly after a fresh boot.

Rev lights should now function correctly on Fanatec CSL Elite on PC.

Trigger rumble option “Auto” should now work as intended on PC.

Frame rate capping should now reach the maximum FPS cap on PC.

Various stability and performance fixes.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

F1 2018 PATCH NOTES – 1.16

Patch 1.16 is now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and contains an update for a tyre physics issue, where the temperatures behaved differently depending on frame rate.

The fix will bring temperature behaviour in line across all three platforms, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and regardless of frame rate. As we’ve previously commented, we log and assess all user feedback which we receive via any of our social channels. In some situations we’re able to act upon issues more readily than others, depending on the complexity and development requirements. In this instance we felt we could quickly and safely apply an important fix which will impact upon the validity of players performance in game.

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