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DiRT Rally 2 in derapata a Febbraio 2019 con Codemasters

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In arrivo la patch


Version 1.10

Release date: TBC


  • New Location: Jämsä, Finland - Available November 5 (Season 3)
  • New Location: Killarney International Raceway, South Africa - Available November 19 (Season 4)
  • New Location: Lydden Hill, UK - Available December 3 (Season 4)
  • New Liveries: Season 3, Stage 3 - Available November 5 (Season 3)
  • New Liveries: Season 4, Stage 1 - Available December 3 (Season 4)


  • Optimised overall SteamVR performance, to match that of Oculus SDK.
  • Reassigned Oculus SDK preset graphics settings, to use VR config file (same file used by SteamVR in previous versions).

Microsoft Store PC version:

  • Added ability to change game language.


  • New Achievement: Finnesse - Roll your car and continue in Finland.
  • New Achievement: Flying Finn - Get airborne 100 times in Finland.
  • New Achievement: Greece Lightning - Win an Event in Greece by over a minute with Hardcore Damage enabled.
  • New Achievement: Have a Break - Buy a Kitcar.
  • Past & Present: Resolved issue where Achievement would not unlock when a player retires from the final Event.


  • Ribadelles, Spain: Adjusted sunset time on loading screen.
  • Ribadelles, Spain: Corrected specific pace note in Italian language.
  • Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: Adjusted various Track Reset lines
    (note: Leaderboards will be reset for this Location during update rollout).
  • Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: Resolved issue where black boxes were appearing behind cars at Dusk. 
  • Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: Made numerous minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Estering, Germany: Added spotter callout reminder for final lap, if the player has not yet taken their Joker.
  • Powys, Wales: Resolved issue where dust-based visual effects were not appearing when player rejoined track.


  • BMW M2 Competition: Added ability to repair Turbo components in My Team.
  • Peugeot 206 Rally: Added exhaust flame visual effects. 


  • Volkswagen Golf Kitcar: Updated exhaust audio. 
  • Added ability to disable post-Stage comments at Finish Line.
  • Resolved issue where audio was missing from internal camera views in Time Trial.
  • Resolved issue where podium crowd audio was too quiet after winning Rallycross Finals.

Broadcast Mode:

  • Added ability to use Trackside cameras. 
  • Added ability to select a specific player to spectate and follow through multiple Stages/Races.
  • Made numerous minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added UI indicator to show if a Championship has enabled Hardcore Damage setting.
  • Added UI indicator to show if a Championship has enabled Force Cockpit Camera setting.
  • Added UI indicator to show if a Championship has enabled Allow Assists setting.


  • Ensured that Handbrake Deadzone and Handbrake Saturation settings work correctly across all game modes.
  • Added input reporting slider for when players are configuring handbrake settings.

My Team:

  • Corrected UI display of Staff members in My Team after a player resets their RaceNet data.


  • Made several minor bug-fixes throughout title.
  • Made several minor stability improvements throughout title.

Version 1.11 is in development and is expected to release around December 10.


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Tra l'altro in questi giorni lo stanno vendendo ad un prezzo onesto su steam a circa 16€.


Mentre anche la trial version è disponibile sempre su steam o su altri siti?

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