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[rFactor 2] Okayama 2017

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Original track created by Mitja Bonca (from RD) for Assetto Corsa. With his permission, I'm converting this track into rFactor 2.

20180707004637_1.jpg 20180707004706_1.jpg 20180707004718_1.jpg 20180707004731_1.jpg 20180707004825_1.jpg 

- real road
- pre-sets for RR (high, medium, light)
- DRS-zones (2 for full circuit, 1 for Piper)
- AIW for full circuit and Piper circuit (for 36 cars)
- 2 starting grids (standing, and rolling from pit-lane)
- added startlights and pitlights
- marshalls around track
- cameras
- some optimization for graphical settings (maybe not final):
"medium" deleted 3d-grass
"low" deleted 3d-grass and trees

v1.1 update by @Heikki21
- added proper spec and normal maps for curbs, also changed shader to new "real kerb" shader
- changed road shader and textures, should be rain ready now, but basic (further improvment for future is a better mapping for the realroad racegrove texture, but that takes a bit of time in 3DSMAX)
- fixed flickering/stripes in a lot of areas -> have been espeacially in the graveltraps but also in grass terrain
- changed tree shader, also adjusted tree textures to a bit less saturation, created new spec and normal maps for the trees
- adjusted some more textures in terms of saturation/colour
- new loadingscreen for International layout

Thanks a lot:
- Mitja Bonca for the original track and permission to convert it to rF2
- @Heikki21 for the fact that he continues to help me and improves tracks
- S397 for rFactor 2

Download v1.1

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Alfred ita

Aggiornamento: 2 marzo, 9:17

v1.2 (Thanks Heikki21 and Digga)

- texture and shader adjustments
- new AIW and cams (thanks to Digga!)
- new loadingscreens
- so mainly I really updated the colours for many textures and updated the shader settings grass textures especially, i wanted to give all a bit more natural look because I thought i the recent version the colours were a bit oversaturated
- road texture is also new
- new crowd, now proper rf2 billboard crowd

Steam Workshop:




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