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vTelemetry PRO 2018 by Renovatio Development


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La Renovatio Development, azienda siciliana già nota per i suoi ottimi display ed accessori per la guida virtuale, annuncia oggi l'avvio dei pre ordini per il suo nuovo vTelemetry PRO 2018, un software professionale per l'analisi dati e la telemetria. Il vTelemetry PRO 2018, la cui demo sarà rilasciata fra una decina di giorni, mentre la versione completa arriverà ad inizio Luglio compatibile con i principali titoli in commercio, è un tool molto potente, completo, ma allo stesso tempo versatile e alla portata di tutti.

vTelemetry PRO 2018 sarà disponibile in 5 diverse configurazioni, con prezzo crescente e caratteristiche specifiche, differenziandosi, oltre che per alcune features (ad esempio GForce e GPS) per il numero di canali a disposizione in analisi (giri motore, velocità, marcia, temperature, gomme ecc.). E' possibile affettuare il pre ordine direttamente a questo link, con prezzo che parte dai 49 euro. Commenti sul forum.

vTelemetry PRO is the world's first software dedicated to real-time telemetry data acquisition and processing for racing simulation. It is compatible with all the latest simulation software and racing games, and includes innovative technologies to close the gap between simulation and real racing.
vTelemetry PRO includes a wide range of functionalities designed to help the driver/engineer, providing all the required data and information for the optimization of both the driving style and the car setup/balance depending on the track and weather conditions. This architecture allows multiples configurations to fit two different scenarios:
1) "Local PC" configuration, where both SERVER and CLIENT apps are installed in the same PC;
2) "Remote PC" configuration that requires to install the SERVER app in the simulator's PC and the CLIENT one in an another PC connected to the same LAN.
The vTelemetry PRO SERVER app has been designed to run in background and make the bridge between racing simulators/games and the CLIENT app, exchanging data packets using the TCP/IP technology.
The vTelemetry PRO CLIENT app is the core application and includes a 'Data Logger' to acquire and visualize real-time telemetry data, a multi-instance analysis tool for multiple lap comparisons with the "overlay" technology and the management of the video capture functionality (OPTIONAL). The vTelemetry PRO data logger is able to acquire up to 67 data channels including the driver's input data, chassis and suspensions data, brakes and tyres data, engine data, 3-axes gforce and a circuit map with live GPS for car's position. The channels data is displayed through eight configurable multi-channel graphs and four embedded instruments for the advanced tyres analysis, the gforce gauge, the driver inputs and the circuit map with the vehicle's position.
The data logger also includes full lap timing data including the "Time Delta" display that splits the circuit in one hundred micro-sectors, analysing and comparing time gap in each sector with the reference time or the fastest lap in the session with absolute precision.


New vTelemetry PRO 2018 software pre-order available! 1f60e.png😎1f44d.png👍1f3ce.png🏎️









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First trailer showing the new vTelemetry PRO 2018 software in action. Real-time recording and visualization of some laps in Monza using rFactor. Be your own track engineer, go faster!

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