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Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018: ingegnere di pista virtuale per l'assetto

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One of my favorite features of VRCE is the "race session" mode, especially for you oval racers where pit stops are frequent enough to make constant adjustments to your setup.

The video below shows the race session mode in action where a driver is suffering from understeer during a race. In race session mode, VRCE provides only those setup changes that can be adjusted during a pit stop. It is a game-changer for those suffering from variable weather or other conditions.

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Jan 31 update to Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020

An update for Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020 just went up. Many of the changes and additions were done after watching a user navigate his way through using my app. I saw that I could do things better so I tried just that.

Lap times can now be entered in M:SS.000 format
Overhauled how the Lap Wizard works
Added a new car condition and solutions to Lap Wizard (bumpy car/track)
Updated PortugueseBR langauge (thanks to Ze Jesus)
Car Options button now works as an on/off toggle
Changed "Delta" options to simplify
Changed "CPU" options to simplify
Cleaned up the dropdown lists white border display
Numerous minor tweaks to font type and size

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