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Track Day R - Videogame [Bike Sim Experience]


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Firstly we would like to thank you for the great support showed in our community!
Here we are! First major update, as promised, a lot of fixes and changes and a big thing to keeb the community on the top!





- on bikes with the alpha bike mod tool

NEW TRACK - TDR World Circuit

- a very technical track where you can push our 1000pro to the limit!


NEW 2D map system


  • Change RearWheel vertical calc for swingarm
  • Improved leaning transferload stability
  • Improved virtual rider stability
  • Improved side by side rider weight influence
  • Improved stability during stoppie
  • Update all bike ini
  • Add Inclination angle of chain
  • Add Squat ratio and squat angle
  • Add Motorcycle trim


Turnoff Menu Mod on TimeAttackR


  • add helpers adjustment
  • Add Brake power and com calculation
  • add flamer position
  • add Engine Power read from file
  • fix sparkle generation on MOD
  • Improved Alpha mod tool import
  • Alpha mod tool import


  • Add TDR World Circuit


  • Fix avatar bug when return on box
  • Fix invalid first lap
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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

E' disponibile da questa mattina la nuova build aggiornata di TrackdayR. Si tratta della prima build multiplayer, grazie alla quale è possibile unirsi o creare una stanza ed eseguire una sessione di trackday! E' inoltre disponibile una nuova moto, una superbike V2 1200cc, un vero mostro di coppia.

TrackdayR è disponibile tramite Steam, in accesso anticipato, ad euro 19,99. Per commenti e discussioni fate riferimento al forum dedicato.


Here we are guys! Multiplayer first build is finally up! You can join or create a room and run a trackday session! We also added a new bike, a V2 superbike 1200cc, a torque monster! We hope you will enjoy this major release!

  • MULTIPLAYER (trackday only)
  • 1200pro BIKE
  • new box time board
  • ingame room Manager
  • multy bike on map
  • fix time board
  • add ureslist
  • add bikeinfo on room info
  • fix avatar issues
  • fix bike teleporting
  • avatar bugfixing
  • Fix illumination problem with non UTC time zone.
  • Fix wrong datetime format in tracks mod ini file
  • fix transport time
  • fix transport user info
Bike Mod Tool
  • Add Dashboard link to handlebar option
  • Add Elbow on throttle option
  • Add Leg on brake option
  • Fix some missing data export
  • Upgrade Scene 2 template with new feature
  • Add Bike category
  • Add Bike name
  • Add Bike ID
  • Add Rear Suspension template
  • Add Front Suspension template
  • chain scale
  • Fix avatar knee problem
  • Adjust some avatar IK problem
  • Enable self collision from bike
  • Burnout smoke
  • New Trick
  • add fuel managment in garage tab
  • Limit lean angle on wheelie
  • Improved limit lean angle on wheelie
  • New ECU AW code
  • wheelie improvment
  • Multy Check MOD track
  • New Menu pipeline
  • Multy new lobby creation
  • Multy new lobby wait room
  • Multy new track selection
  • New loader for MOD bikes
  • Multy new bike footer
  • removed embedded bikes ( menu only )
  • brake and throttle managment for burnout



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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew


  • Generic bugfixing
  • Multiplayer room list updated
  • round minimap
  • improved tire temperature
  • improved tire wearing
  • improved wobble issues
  • improved self aligning torque
  • fix stoppie
  • fix lean speed when the bike wheelies
  • updatet all bikes physics according to new code
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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew
TDR - Major Release
New Physiscs, Garage, American Big Twins available!!
Here we are guys! In this big major replease update you can try new hot things!
We added the first implementation of the Garage (more things will be available during Early Access). We also worked a lot in the physics core introducing a totally new tyre simulation that made everything much more realistic than ever before. You will find a different handling and you will need some laps to get the confidence with the new physics.
Last but not least we added a new bike, a Big Twin bagger race tuned bike with 190nm of monster torque!!
We hope you will enjoy this major release!
  • Race Bagger Big Twins
  • slipping rear tire
  • Tire fix
  • frontlink rigidbody creation and update
Bike Mod Tool
  • new springtype 6 with distance
  • new tire models
  • new bikeset
  • new tire model compound 3
  • new tire model
  • some fix for new C.F. calculation
  • EXPERIMENTAL new C.F. calculation
  • add C.L.S. leaning
  • adjust ground contactpoint
  • adjust speed treshold of fastbump
  • add per spring fastbump configuration
  • new CF suspension transfer
  • new engine drivetrain inertia
  • wobble steering balancing
  • new front tire model for crash reduction
  • new front tire model for crash
  • new loose forward wheel
  • steering tune
  • New Virtual Rider balance system during braking
  • New Surface drag
  • Updated surface-dependent friction management
  • Pacjeka tool
  • upgrade wheel code
  • upgrade tire compound 2 and 3
  • change bike ini 675,1000,1200 (steering 1.2)
  • change ECU map button
  • Virtualrider changing steering/brake behaviours
  • Start spring maxlength dynamic regulation
  • Fix Rebuild wheel raycast center on change swingarm
  • Major release ALPHA garage
  • new compound model
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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Oggi è il grande giorno! Polini 135cc Scooter è finalmente disponibile GRATUITAMENTE in TrackDayR! **Riavviate il client Steam per ricevere l'aggiornamento**


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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP


Hey guys, time to release a new major update! In this update you will found a totally new rider model with new animations. We worked hard on it and we will continue to improve it day by day during early access. We also added the 300cc Superbike, one of the funniest bike you can ride on TDR! With that bike you can train yourself to find the best line without any worries on opening the throttle.
you will also try a new animation clicking D-Pad UP (on default settings) based on a gesture of one of the fastest rider of the world.


  • 300cc SUPERBIKE

**Template will be released soon and all the old suits design have to be re-created**


  • hotfix 10" tires compound
  • hotfix leaning controll on wheelie
  • hotfix ycf handling
  • hotfix very low speed crash
  • hotfix trouble raise bikes
  • Fix Polini Handles
  • bugfix camera


  • Side and Forward force computation for rear wheel
  • Front Wobble
  • Engine shift foot and hand
  • Front transfer load on leaning
  • Direct Leaning fixed
  • Front Load stabilization
  • Centrifugal Force distribution to suspension fix
  • rear springs inclination
  • Fix EB 1000pro



  • Add Big Twin category
  • Add Polini 135
  • avatar crash system


  • throotle on animation fix
  • avatar skin
  • avatar animations
  • avatar gimoto skin
  • new animation system

We will evaluate in the next days if to clear leaderboards (maybe partially)

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