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Formula RSS 4 by Race Sim Studio

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ho semplicemente espresso il mio pensiero, non mi aspettavo questa reazione evidentemente mi sono espresso male e sono stato frainteso.

Non era mia intenzione violare il regolamento e di questo mi scuso.


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disponibile http://racesimstudio.com/formula-rss-4-now-available

This is the Formula RSS 4 by Race Sim Studio, a team comprised of members who have been responsible for some of the finest examples of single-seater racing cars for over 4 years. Armed with the experience of several public releases of single seater cars already, the RSS team brings you the RSS 4, something more accessible, but just as rewarding, to the casual or hardcore racer.

This mod features:

  • A highly detailed car model with all the expected RSS-level animations
  • A powerful 4 cylinder engine sound package
  • Enjoyable and comprehensively detailed physics
  • RSS 4 Companion app to be used in-game

The Formula RSS 4 is ideal for close, competitive racing, bringing more people of varying skill levels together. Whether you wish to use the car to improve your racecraft, or to dominate your opponents before moving onto one of the faster RSS cars, the Formula RSS 4 is the first platform for all of your single seater needs.

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Our Formula RSS 4 car has been updated to version 2.0, featuring several improvements. An e-mail with the download link will be sent to all the customers of the Formula RSS 4 and Formula Pack 2. If you don’t own the car yet, you can buy it here. Thank you for your support and have a good weekend!


• UV Mapping fixed rear wing lower beam,
• Updated car shadows
• Optimised the car chassis main LOD / cleaned and reduced geometry by 2k triangles
• New steering column created and applied to the main steering wheel frame, bugged geometry from a past XFORM settings,
• New seat belts added and applied to Cockpit_LR & LOD_B
• New tyre textures created and more blur applied along with new shader settings
• New steering wheel TX gears added as requested, much improved the resoution
• New previews pictures
• Display textures saved again to remove the known .dds bugs we sometimes see in textures,
• New driver animations, much improved over the previous ones, also shift paddle anims updated
• A general overhaul of textures and settings in the LOD_A and lower
• Exported the main car at animation frame 10, to give a better visual appearence in the showroom, car is lower to the ground like ingame

• Overall volume balancing
• Added new effects samples (tyres, bodywork)
• Reduced turbo effects

• Minor updates to car naming, with short name provided

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