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iRacing 24 Hours of Spa (22 luglio)

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Turns: 19 
Length: 4.35mi - 7km 
Pit Speed Limit: 37mph - 60kph



Race Sat, July 22nd @ 13:00GMT / 9amET 


Setup Shop: 
Teams Topic (Blancpain): 
Teams Topic (IMSA): 

Setup Shop: 
Teams Topic (Blancpain): 
Teams Topic (IMSA): 

Setup Shop: 
Teams Topic: 

Setup Shop: 
Teams Topic (Blancpain): 

Setup Guide: 
Setup Shop: 
Teams Topic (Blancpain): 
Teams Topic (IMSA): 


Format: Solo 
Misc. Info: These sessions determine the overall weekly qualifying order, which is used to set the starting order, or grid, for each race session. Qualifying times are valid for the entire race week, and drivers may attempt to improve their time as often as they like during the race week. Incidents are recorded during qualifying sessions and factored into each driver's Safety Rating calculation.

Starts: Rolling 
Time of Day: Afternoon 
Field size: 60 Cars 
Race length: 24 Hours (1440 minutes) 
Weather (Default): 
- Temperature: 78° F 
- Wind Speed: N @ 2 MPH 
- Atmosphere: 55 RH, 0% Fog Cover 
- Skies: Partly Cloudy

License Requirements: D 4.0 and above 
Warm-Up: 1 hour 
Incident Limit: None 
iRating in effect: No 
Safety Rating in effect: Yes 
Fast Repairs: None 
Splits Info: Splits will be set by iRating. Note that in team races only the iRating of the team driver(s) registered when the race session launches are included in this calculation of team iRating 
Driver Limits: 2-16 drivers required 
Team Racing FAQ: 
Looking for a Team? --- 
Streaming the Race? --- 
Post your Paint! --- 
Which car are you running? --- 

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