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WRC 7 by BigBen Interactive

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eSport WRC 2018 World Championship
The third annual eSports WRC Season is almost upon us.
From the 25th of January, the WRC 7 players will compete to become the best driver in the world.
This year will see a similar format to last year but this time in quicker succession. The regular season will run until the end of July and culminate during the Rally Finland, followed by the Grand Final later in the year.
eSports WRC - Season Calendar
Like last year, every rally will run from Thursday to Sunday and drivers will have 5 attempts to record their best time. Each round will usually contain of a Super Special Stage (or a Special stage in the case of Rally Wales GB, Rally Monte Carlo and Tour de Corse) and one of the new Epic Stages.
eSports Season 3 - Rally Timeline
Placing among the top 50 for each Rally will earn players championship points and the players who accrue the most points over the course of the season will earn a spot in the Grand Final and unlike last year, in 2018 every single championship round counts!
eSports WRC 2018 Team Championship
In addition to the regular Championship, this year will see the inaugural eSports WRC Team Championship.
Pre-selected teams of up to 5 players will compete to be crowned the best WRC eSports Team in the world. The field of team will mainly consist of teams recognized in the eSports racing scene and will be revealed before the first round.
Each round, the championship points earned by the three best performing team members will be added to the team score. The team with the most championship points at the end of the regular season will be crowned champion!

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We’ve updated WRC 7 to version 1.4 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
The patch tackles two main points:
  1. The correction of multiple discrepancies relating to the representation of teams, drivers and their cars.
  2. Improvements to the level design on certain tracks that previously allowed players to gain an unfair advantage by exploiting the track geometry. These changes were particularly important to us in order guarantee fair competition in the upcoming eSports WRC season.
We thank you again for your continued feedback and support.
You can find the full changelog below.
Licence corrections:
  • Fixed nationalities which were wrongly displayed:
    • Sebastien Marshall in GB
    • Sergei Larens in Estonian
  • Fixed teams which were wrongly displayed:
    • F.W.R.T for Lorenzo Bertelli
    • OneBet Jipocar World Rally Team for Martin Prokop
    • Accents for Dennis Rådström
    • Team: ADAC Sachsen e.V.
  • Fixed car names which were wrongly displayed:
    • Quentin Giordano : Peugeot 208 T16
    • Ford Fiesta RS WRC becomes Ford Fiesta WRC
    • BMW-Mini John Cooper Works
Improvements to level design have been carried out on the following stages:
  • Monte-Carlo - Special Stage - Agnieres en devoluy
  • Sardegna - Special Stage - Lerno
  • Portugal - Special Stage - Fafe
  • Deutschland - Super Special Stage - Panzerplate
  • Australia - Super Special Stage - Coffs
  • Poland - Super Special Stage - Mikolajki Arena
PC only
An issue with Nvidia Ansel technology in the game has been fixed.

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Bigben and Kylotonn are proud to announce that the new season of eSports WRC Powered by Hyundai will start January 24th during the legendary Monte Carlo Rally, the opening round of the 2019 FIA World Rally Championship. Last season, more than 6,000 players faced off across the world on WRC 7, the official game of the WRC. In the end, it was Ulster’s Jon Armstrong, an actual WRC 2 driver, who came out on top in the championship’s grand finale.

A partner of the competition since the first season, Hyundai is renewing their participation by providing a prize, like last year, of a Hyundai i20 worth €20,000. eSports WRC Powered by Hyundai is a competition open to everyone who owns a copy of WRC 7 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC. Points will be awarded at 12 online rounds between January and August. The 10 best results will then be used to select the best eight players for a live grand finale.

Like last year, a teams championship will also take place. Pre-selected teams, comprising up to 5 players, will face off simultaneously in the individual championships in an attempt to come away with the second teams world championship title. At each rally, the points scored by the 3 best drivers in the team will be added to the team's score. The championship will mainly be made up of teams known throughout the world of eSports racing games.

Thrustmaster is renewing its support in eSports WRC Powered by Hyundai and will provide the most immersive and realistic equipment possible for the finale. The racing specialist will also participate via special events throughout the competition, which will be held not only for the participants but also for the fans. Here’s this season’s calendar:

Monte Carlo: January 24-27
Sweden: February 14-17
Mexico: March 7-10
Tour de Corse: March 28-31
Wales Rally GB: April 11-14
Argentina: April 25-28
Catalonia: May 9-12
Portugal: May 30 – June 2
Sardinia: June 13-16
Australia: July 11-14
Finland: August 1-4
Germany: August 22-25

Who will overthrow Jon Armstrong? Check out the results of the first round of eSports WRC by Hyundai to pick your favourite! For any questions regarding the team championship: teams@esportswrc.com

More information: www.esportswrc.com

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