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rFactor 2 DirectX 11 Beta by Studio 397

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2 hours ago, VELOCIPEDE said:

We pushed through another Beta update today with lots of improvements especially for our VR users, we also updated some of our ambient lighting, make sure you try it!

1/6/2017 Build ID : 1859720
- VR Mirror mode selectable in Launcher config
- Further VR performance optimizations
- Fixed crash in Dev mode loading tracks
- General improvements
- Lighting improvements/balancing


ecco cos'erano i 45 mb di stamattina

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3 hours ago, Lu ManiaK said:

Per una volta mi lamento io. La Studio 397 potrebbe metterlo come funzione interna del sim visto che altri titoli lo hanno.


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Happy Friday Update!

- Fixed excessive marble build up on some tracks.
- Fixed UI and HUD colors reversed on some elements.
- Fixed VR issue where clouds were clipping over the horizon.
- Switched rFactor 2 screenshot function to Steam screenshot.
- Fixed Gmotor 2.5 scene viewer showing all stages of real road at the same time.
- Fixed CTRL+C (CPU/GPU usage chart) being only visible with driver name tags. ON.
- Fixed Dev Mode Launcher 'Video Settings' button not properly saving.
- Fixed a sporadic issue where changing graphics settings would cause black areas to appear around the car body.
- Updated Fanatec SDK: Added native support for LEDs and gear shift indicators.

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Latest DX11 Updates!



****Formula 2 2012 Physics changelog:

  • Full CPM tyre upgrade.
  • AI improvements to help launch on race starts.
  • AI now take longer to warm up tyres.
  • AI correlation tweaks to slightly decrease grip.
  • Added RCD / talent file.
  • AI tweaks to make them faster overall.
  • Lower initial tyre temperatures and more pressure buildup.
  • Softened front ARB.
  • More damping in suspension components.
  • Minor tyre tweaks to include more damping.
  • Correction to low downforce package to add stability.
  • Added optional caster upgrade to help increase the cornering forces in the FFB.
  • Reduced flatspot intensity on front tyres.
  • Softened steering slightly.
  • Low-end torque slightly increased.
  • Corrected unsprung inertia.
  • New engine throttle map.
  • Softened chassis.
  • Improved inertia.
  • Lowered max brake force.
  • Set default brake pressure to realistic typical usage.
  • Rear ARB increased to be bit stiffer and better match the data.
  • Reduced fuel consumption by appropriately 20%, this should give more plausible fuel consumption figures.
  • Slightly less dirty air in the slip-steam (in particular, less understeer so you can follow a tiny bit closer).
  • Front ARB now displays stiffness to make it clearer.
  • Wheel rate correction.
  • Added chassis flex.
  • Added new steering system.
  • Softened shifts, this should make up-shifts more harmonious especially in mid-corner.

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Update time! new builds coming thick and fast...

- Fixed artifacts on old real road shader.
- Fixed screen capture in TTool.
- Fixed multiple controller profiles so JOY1 is default controller mapping.
- Added controller profiles for Fanatec wheels: Fanatec CSW v2.5, Fanatec CSW v2, Fanatec CSR Elite, Fanatec CSL XBOX, Fanatec CSL PS4.
- Added support for mulit-gpus and multi-monitor selection, available via drop downs in Laucher config.
- VR Added re-center view now assignable to a key (default is Backspace).
- VR Fixed Track loading screen.

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