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rFactor 2 Build 1108 disponibile

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ma quale è la voce di comonado di questa applicazione come è denonimata perchè non la trovo nelle voci

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Vai su Controller, menu' "Misc", la voce e' "Triple/Tires".

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grazie 2slow4u

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51 minutes ago, jakobdylan said:

grazie 2slow4u

De nada! ;)

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tutto funge ora :up:

Purtroppo ho notato installando  il mod di f1 2015 RTF che hanno rilasciato ieri  una cosa che già su rf mi faceva girare los cogliones più si installano mod più rallenta quando si fa partire  rf2 ,con rf avevo ovviato a questo problema con un'installazione pulita del sim per ogni singolo mod(procedura impossibile da attuare attualmente per Rf2 ) , senza contare che spesso si creano conflitti con mod o piste che utilizzano gli stessi file che rottura de cogliones ....


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Scusate ho sbagliato post

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Il team Studio 397 ha appena rilasciato per il suo rFactor 2 il nuovo aggiornamento update 2 dedicato alla recente Buil 1108. L'update, oltre a correggere qualche bugs, apporta varie migliorie al sonoro, alla grafica, alla fisica ed anche al codice del simulatore. Oltre alla build aggiornata, è stata rilasciata anche la nuova versione 1.2 dell'affascinante Nissan GT500 che vede te nelle immagini qui sotto.

And we’re back, as promised, with an updated Nissan GT500 – there’s a worthy set of improvements and upgrades to get excited about!

On the physics side, we’ve added a new set of tyres, including a full range of compounds for added strategy and increased competitiveness. The previous dry compound is now split into three types – soft, medium, and hard. We’ve also added an intermediate compound for light wet conditions. The all-new audio for the GT500 is a complete overhaul. We’ve replaced all sounds to give a deeper range and a more raw and resonant feel. Full credits for this go to Rick Schoenmaker, who did an awesome job! On the graphics side, we’ve made some considerable improvements and added features, including improved car body reflections, backfire effects, headlight lens flare, and more. We’ve had community feedback from many different people here, and we would like to mention Ales Ogrinc for generously contributing several 3D objects for inclusion in the update.

Accompanying this update is a new build: 1108 update 2. Like update 1 we released on December 28th, 2016, this build is fully backward compatible, which means there is no need to update your dedicated server. With this new build we introduce a new system to distribute templates with our cars. As soon as you upgrade to the new build, whenever you start the Launcher, it will install templates into a folder called “Templates” in your rFactor 2 main folder. Do not edit those files in place though, as they will be overwritten on updates of the car. Make a copy before you start designing your own livery.

The new version of the Nissan can be found in the workshop, and you will automatically be updated if you are subscribed to it.

Check out the full change log below:


  • Added a completely new pack of sounds that should be a lot closer to the way the original car sounded.


  • Added additional tyre compounds, the car now has soft, medium, hard, intermediates and full wet compounds.
  • Added additional rim types to reflect the ones used by the different teams.
  • Added fluorescent shader for digits on the dashboard.
  • Added backfire graphics.
  • Fixed a gap between the driver helmet and the body.
  • Fixed tyres going through the fenders when under load.
  • Updated body 3D shape, adding a missing floor, correcting the front fender shape and some smaller tweaks.
  • Updated icons.
  • Improved cockpit textures on the fans, door handles and several other small details.
  • Improved body reflections.
  • Improved level of detail (LOD) models.
  • Improved exhaust model and textures.
  • Improved windows in cockpit view and added the missing side windows.
  • Improved liveries.
  • Improved headlights, now with lens flares.


  • Added new tyre compounds to match those added to the graphics.
  • Updated a few garage settings.
  • Slightly tweaked the AI physics.

Code (Build 1108 update 2)

  • Added code that allows car modellers to tweak the body roll for AI physics to ensure tyres don’t go through fenders graphically.
  • Introduced a simple mechanism for distributing templates with cars (which will end up in a “Templates” folder until the new UI is released).
  • Fixed a problem where the launcher accidentally URL encoded passwords, making it impossible to join servers with certain characters in the password.




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