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Project CARS meb exporter tool

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This tool allows users to create the 3D data format MEB used in Project CARS by converting another format into MEB. The tool currently supports the use of Autodesk FBX and COLLADA DAE importing, and uses the ASSIMP library to import these formats. The tool has many options for people who want to have total control over how the MEB is made, but there are also presets for easy MEB creation. At the moment, the tool does not support animation. Animation information will be ignored when exporting. This tool is not meant for beginners, but for people who understand 3D modelling and UV editing but this tool makes it as simple as possible to create this complicated format. There will be tutorials in the future on the difficult features of pCARS MEBs and how to use our tool to do it quicker and efficiently.

*The vertex limit for each MEB is 65536 so avoid models with a triangle count of over 50,000. A popup message will appear if you use a model that is too large for conversion.

Ability to choose what source each UV section is drawn from, with up to 4 UV sections available
Several presets: Custom, Bodywork and glass objects, Windscreen for exterior view, Windows for cockpit view, Light-flare geometry, Lights, Brake discs, Shadow object, Other objects with normal maps, Other objects without normal maps, Damage model
To easily convert SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED files into pCARS files, simply import into 3DS Max using the MEB Importer plugin and export as DAE/FBX. Then use our tool and it’s done.
Presets are not mandatory, you have to ability to check any box and features you need with the ‘Custom’ preset.

This tool was developed by Shiimis, Autoprophet-ZR and LamboMantisMan23
Go to the DOWNLOADS page to download the tool.

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